Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers In 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Hand soap dispensers have come a long way. Previously, people used to buy liquid soaps that come in a built-in dispenser. Then people opted for manual hand soap dispensers where the liquid soaps are poured and used as long as it was available and then again refilled. 

However, instead of a manual hand soap dispenser, it is always more convenient to use automatic hand soap dispensers which you do not have to touchless to pour out the liquid soap. Check out such top 10 best automatic hand soap dispensers below.

List of Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers In 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Simplehuman Sensor Pump with Soap Sample

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The hand soap dispenser comes with a see-through back container. So, you can easily keep track of the level of the soap. This machine also comes with a touchless dispensing system, so you do not need to touch it for dispensing soap. Moreover, the silicone valve of the unit prevents the soap from dripping.

This battery-powered machine also requires four alkaline AA batteries to run the unit for a year. Furthermore, with the help of user-friendly buttons, you can easily adjust the volume of soap dispensing. The motion sensor technology dispenses the soap within 0.2 seconds. The container can hold up to 8 oz of any liquid soap.


  • Touchless dispensing for user convenience.
  • Easy buttons and adjustable soap volume.
  • 8 Oz capacity and motion sensor technology.


  • You cannot see how much soap in there is inside.

Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser, Infrared Motion Sensor 

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The uncomplicated yet profoundly-effective stainless-steel soap dispenser accompanies infrared movement-detecting technology. This dispenser also offers touchless dispensing, so you can have pure and sterile handwashing. Moreover, this unit comes with a particular mechanism to dispense the soaps with different densities. The rubber ring at the base of the dispenser gives security to the battery compartment from water sprinkles.

The machine also comes with an AAA-level leakage-proof and water-resistant battery compartment with a corrosion resistance function. Furthermore, the PC and ABS materials of the dispenser make it extremely durable and chic-looking. The body of this dispenser is of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. The liquid soap nozzle of this unit comes with a dispensing valve to prevent the soap from spilling.


  • Infrared motion detection technology and stainless steel construction.
  • Dispenses in different densities.
  • Protective battery compartment and prevents dripping.


  • There is no cons at all.

Hanamichi Soap Dispenser, Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser 

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This automatic soap dispenser looks like any restaurant-grade dispenser. The mechanism of this dispenser supports not only touch-free but also hygienic soap dispensing. Moreover, you can safely use this unit almost everywhere in your home, kitchen, and bathroom. The container can hold up to 17 oz of any liquid soap, so you do not have to regularly check the container.

The transparent compartment also enables you to check the level of the cleanser without opening it. Furthermore, the infrared sensor of this machine automatically detects and dispenses soap right after sensing your hands. You can control the volume of the dispensing soap from .03 to .19-oz at each activation.


  • Suitable for professional use with durable construction.
  • Transparent compartment for easy viewing.
  • Adjustable flow control and auto-detection.


  • It is difficult to unscrew the screw.

Umbra Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

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This model, with its aesthetically-enriched sleek structure, is suitable for any modern kitchen or bathroom décor. Derived from high-grade plastic, this lightweight yet robust dispenser also stands for durability. Moreover, automatic soap dispensing technology uses motion sensing, so you do not need to touch the machine.

This machine also has a maximum loading capacity of 8.5 oz. Furthermore, the dispensing valve easily cuts down the dispensing of the soap to prevent spills. You can easily fill the container with liquid soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap, and most of liquid soap. The anti-drip spout of this dispenser prevents the dispenser from clogging.


  • Prevents clogging with an anti-drip spout.
  • Touchless mechanism and lightweight design.
  • High-quality motor and attractive look.


  • The average rating is quite low.

Cakie Touchless Automatic Soap Dispensers

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This hand soap dispenser comes with the construction of stainless steel material. The fingerprint-resistant and waterproof body of this dispenser also maintains its polished look of it.

Moreover, this battery-powered unit requires AAA-level batteries to run. The PC and ABS materials base of this dispenser keep it in the proper place. This dispenser comes with touchless technology, so there is no chance of touching the machine for getting your hands cleaned.

The waterproof construction of this dispenser also protects the battery compartment from getting damped. Furthermore, with the help of upgraded motion-sensing technology, this unit automatically dispenses the soap right after sensing your hands.


  • Waterproof battery compartment for safe use.
  • A polished look for resisting fingerprints.
  • Stainless steel material for long-lasting use.


  • There is no negative point to discuss.

SVAVO Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser 

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This stylish-looking automatic soap dispenser looks extremely stylish and is suitable for any modern bathroom and kitchen décor. The motion sensor technology of this hand soap also allows you to dispense the soap by simply sensing your hands. The dispensing valve of this dispenser immediately stops the dispensing right after you remove your hands from the sensor.

The battery-operated dispenser also requires four pieces of alkaline AAA batteries to run. Furthermore, the automatic dispensing system of this machine automatically emits the perfect amount of soap for hygienic handwashing. The dispensing unit allows everyone to have proper cleaning without touching the dispenser.


  • Attractive look and is easy operation.
  • Strong performance with motion sensor technology.
  • Emits the right amount of soap for perfect hand washing.


  • No control over the flow of the quantity of soap.

Zipu Battery Operated Waterproof Automatic Soap Dispenser 

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This automatic hand soap dispenser comes with a see-through container, so you can easily know the time of refilling. With a capacity of 370ml, this dispenser also works with most of liquid soaps and hand sanitizers. Moreover, derived from heavy-duty ABS material, the machine offers protection against rust and yet looks stylish.

The anti-skid base of the soap dispenser also makes it perfect for placing it almost everywhere. Furthermore, the automatic dispensing function of this machine lets you wash your hands properly and hygienically. The anti-leakage design of the dispenser does not cause any soap wastage.


  • Prevents wastage with anti-leakage construction.
  • High performance and large capacity.
  • Durable construction and stylish look.


  • There is no drawback to point out.

Soap Dispenser 3.0 Glamfields Touchless Automatic Soap 

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This automatic soap dispenser involves the construction of high-quality stainless-steel material. The base of this dispenser is not only waterproof but also easily detachable. Moreover, the free-standing design of the machine makes it comfortable to use almost everywhere. The inbuilt infrared motion sensor technology automatically detects and dispenses soap on your hands.

The touch-free design of the dispenser also makes it hygienic and suitable to use in your kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, with the help of two different settings, the dispenser lets you control the volume of the dispensing soap from 1.8 to 4ml. The waterproof base keeps the battery compartment safe from corroding.


  • Detachable base for user convenience.
  • Wide dispensing and safe battery slot.
  • Free-standing design for easy usage.


  • Too much soup is poured at once.

VADIV Soap Dispensers Touchless IR Sensor Automatic Lotion 

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The ergonomic design of the automatic dispenser helps you to stay healthy and hygienic with the no-touch dispensing formula. The tank of this dispenser also comes with a maximum holding capacity of 14 oz. Moreover, with the help of two gears, the machine lets you control the volume of the soap in two different ways.

The touchless dispenser also works with the majority of the fluid cleansers available on the market. Furthermore, the water-safe machine automatically senses and dispenses the cleanser after sensing your hand. The spill-proof, dripping, and trailing-free unit causes no wastage of soap. Without much trouble, you can adjust the volume of the cleanser by keeping your hand away from the sensor.


  • Adjustable dispensing and ergonomic design.
  • Spill-proof design and high compatibility.
  • Dual gears for two-type operation.


  • The durability can be an issue.

vplus Automatic Soap Dispensers, Touchless Soap Dispenser 

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This auto soap dispenser comes with the construction of heavy-duty stainless-steel material. So, the robust material also comes with scratch-resistant finishing. 

Moreover, the infrared motion sensor automatically dispenses the soap after detecting your hand. With the help of four AAA batteries, the motion sensor works for up to 3 months. The container of this dispenser has a maximum capacity of 8.45 oz.

The water-resistant base of the dispenser also protects the battery compartment from getting accidentally wet. Furthermore, you can control the volume of soap dispensing from 0.5 to 3 ml. The hands-free operation keeps the machine germ-free. This machine works with most of liquid soaps.


  • Stainless steel material with scratch-resistant construction.
  • High capacity and powerful performance.
  • Wide compatibility and safe battery compartment.


  • The pumping is relatively slow.
best automatic hand soap dispensers

Buying Guide for Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

The following list has the important factors you need to consider while you buy an automatic hand soap dispenser.

Easy Operation

Even though it has automatic dispensing, make sure that it comes in an easy-to-use design. A touchless system with motion detection technology will let you use it hassle-free. User-friendly buttons will let you adjust the volume according to your needs and make sure that the soap does not go to waste. 

It must have easy functionality so that you can easily make your children learn about healthy habits. Select the one that lets you fill in the soap without making any mess.


Always select the one that comes with durable construction. Automatic hand soap dispensers are made of different types of materials and can be of metal or plastic. 

BPA-free plastic material can be lightweight and have an attractive look. However, make sure that it is strong and does not attract odor. You must also see if it has the ability to resist spills.

best automatic hand soap dispensers


The capacity of the dispenser varies according to your needs. It can start from a capacity of 23.6 ounces and go up to 152.2 ounces. For a low-traffic area, you can select the one that has a smaller capacity. However, if it is for a large traffic area, then go for the one that makes fewer falls so that the soap lasts for a long time.


This is undoubtedly the most important thing that you need to consider when getting an automatic soap dispenser. If you want better efficiency, then select the one that comes with infrared sensors. 

The one that lets you mount with ease will be a perfect buy. Always select the one that offers better functionality and the one that comes in an eco-friendly design. The battery capacity has to be strong so that you don’t you can wash your hands anytime you want.


This may not be of great concern if it performs better. However, an automatic hand soap dispenser enhances the look of your bathroom. Make sure that it comes in a compact design and does not occupy much space for mounting.


There are various benefits of automatic hand soap dispensers. First, you do not have to touch, and therefore, there is no scope for germs to transfer from one hand to another. 

It works effortlessly using a sensor that activates as soon as you bring the hand below the dispensing point. Besides, it is highly portable, and we have listed the best dispensers with amazing styles and designs to enhance to beauty of the hand-washing basin.

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