Best Air Fryer For French Fries 2024

Are you an epicure? Are French fries your favorite snack? But you want to give it up now that you’re on a diet?

Well, let me tell you one thing. You can consume your beloved fries without putting on some extra pounds. But how? With the best air fryer for French fries at your side. Air fryers ensure that you’re rewarded with delicious foods minus the greasiness. Hence, it has been the top choice of health-conscious foodies over the years.

Nevertheless, grabbing the first air fryer you come across won’t be a wise decision. There are some factors to consider before finalizing your purchase. If you want to know what are those and which air fryers are on par with those standards, stay tuned with us.

Best Air Fryer For French Fries Reviews

Dash DCAF150GBBK02 Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

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If you’re searching for an air fryer that is compact, then Dash DCAF150GBBK02 Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker is the one for you. The 2qt nonstick fryer is a great option if you live alone or with your partner.

The sleek black machine will enhance the look of your kitchen. It weighs 5.7 lbs. with 10.2” x 8.1” x 11.4” dimensions. Hence, you can easily fit it on your kitchen countertop or wherever you want. Other than that, the fryer is also portable. So, if you’re a picky eater, it’ll save you a big time while you’re away from home.

This device is sanctioned with AirCrisp technology. Owing to that, it can run smoothly without requiring a massive amount of oil. Thus, it reduces your fat consumption by up to 70% to 80%. Hence, you can gorge on French fries without sacrificing any flavor, yet remain healthy.

You can also make chicken wings, appetizers, desserts and other baked goodies with this air fryer. As a cherry on top, the product makes sure that the dishes don’t leave any repulsive smell in your mouth.

The device is pretty simple to operate. You can customize the timer and temperature as per your needs. It also ensures that your french fries are never overcooked. How? Well, it automatically shuts down on reaching the end of your timer. How efficient that is, right?

To save you from any burning sensation, this fryer is built with cool-touch housing. It’s also very easy to clean up. The product is dishwasher safe as well. So, bid adieu to exhaustion.

This appliance comes with 15 delicious recipes to boost up your culinary skills. So, get ready to awe everyone with your advanced cooking.

Highlighted Features

  • The maximum capacity is 2qt that’s adequate for 1lb French fries.
  • A lightweight air fryer that’s portable.
  • Reduces oil consumption by 70% to 80%.
  • Engineered with AirCrisp technology.
  • The automatic shutdown feature hinders overcooking.

Secura Air Fryer Electric Hot XL Air Fryer

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If you’re looking for something more spacious, get yourself Secura Electric Hot XL Air Fryer. Secura offers you 3 baskets for your varied kinds of cravings. Each of them has a 2-liter capacity. So, whether you want to cook only or yourself or your entire family, it has got your back.

The kitchen appliance weighs 11.77 pounds with 13” x 11” x 12” dimensions. While it may not be one of the lightest models available in the market, you must consider that the extra weight also comes with manifold capabilities.

This machine capitalizes on the remarkable amalgamation of a top grill and high-speed air circulation. Thus, you won’t have to toil hours away in the kitchen to prepare the most perfect batch of French fries. Just set the timer and temperature. Your food will be cooked with impeccability in no time.

The “Hot Air Cooking” technique of this fryer warrants that your food is never greasy. It also helps you with cooking succulent meals without downpouring oil. Therefore, you can start a healthier diet without compromising your tastebud.

This machine has a power indicator & a 60-minute timer to let you cook with ease. You can choose the suitable temperature for different items ranging from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. To inhibit chewiness, it comes with an automatic on-off function. It also makes sure that you don’t waste electricity.

You can detach its drawers for easy maintenance. It’s also dishwasher safe which adds several points to its user-friendliness. Besides, Secura provides a BBQ rack, skewers and several recipes along with the 3 baskets. What more do you want from a fryer?

Highlighted Features

  • It can accommodate 2 liters of food.
  • Incorporates the top grill with high-speed air circulation.
  • A dishwasher safe air fryer.
  • It doesn’t require much oil for frying.
  • The fryer has a Power Indicator.

BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, HF110SBD

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BLACK+DECKER Purify Air Fryer, HF110SBD is another outstanding option you can count on. It comes with Dual Convection Fans to circulate hot air around the dishes so that your food is cooked with enhanced speed.

This product has a 2-liter capacity. Hence, you can make potato fries for your entire squad at a time. They won’t be greasy at all for the fryer cuts down oil usage. So, no need to run an extra mile just because you indulged in your favorite fast food.

Other than French fries, you can fry different kinds of foods with this machine. Choose the appropriate temperature from 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The Light Indicator will keep you updated about what’s going on inside when your food is being cooked.

For amplified gratification, always preheat this machine. It has a 60-minute timer that shuts down automatically on reaching the endpoint. Thus, it makes sure that your foods are flawlessly crispy, not burnt or undercooked.

You can clean this nonstick air fryer without any exertion. Besides, its parts (basket separator & air fryer basket) are dishwasher-safe. So, your after-party scenario isn’t going to look that tumultuous.

This machine weighs 11 pounds. Its dimensions are 12.625” x 12.625” x 14.500”. Hence, you don’t need to worry about making space for it in your kitchen.

This machine comes with a detailed user manual. By going through it, you can find out which item should be used in what quantity in this fryer. It also includes the recommended temperature and cooking time for each kind of food. So, if you’re a new cook, it’s going to be a great learning process.

Highlighted Features

  • Its maximum capacity is 2 liters.
  • It’s equipped with Dual Convection Fans for faster cooking.
  • The air fryer is dishwasher-safe.
  • It has a detailed user manual to help you cook.
  • An affordable and lightweight machine.

Dash DFAF455GBBK01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

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Dash DFAF455GBBK01 Deluxe Air Fryer is one of the greatest air fryers available in the market. It allows you to prepare French fries or any other delectable goodies using 70% to 80% less oil. Hence, it can help you in starting a healthier lifestyle.

This machine is designed with Air Crisp Technology. Therefore, you can expect nothing but excellence from it. Besides, it doesn’t lag behind when it comes to cooking speed. So, you won’t have to wait much longer to satiate your tummy.

The nonstick cooking surface of this fryer ensures that there’s even distribution of heat in every inch of your meals. Ergo, you won’t be disgusted by unwanted lumps when you take a bite.

If you have a big family, its 6 Quart capacity will come in handy for you. Besides, the device doesn’t comprise any toxic elements. As a cherry on top, it makes sure that no residual smell of aftertaste won’t bother you after having your meals.

The user-friendly appliance comes with a 30- minute dial timer. You can set the time as per your needs. You should always preheat it for better outcomes. If you’re concerned about temperature, you can experiment up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

But scared of burning or overcooking your fries? Well, don’t be for the automatic off function will never let that happen. Moreover, the cool touch handles and housing makes it easier for you to deal with the heat.

You don’t need to take some extra hassles for its maintenance. It’s dishwasher-safe. Furthermore, you’ll be getting a remarkable recipe book with it to hone your cooking. Not only that, the purchase will give you access to the company’s online recipe database.

This feathery weight machine is 4.87 pounds with 12.5″ x 14.8″ x 14.8″ dimensions. The laudable air fryer also lets you have fun with colors. It comes in 4 colors- Black, Red, White, and Aqua.

Highlighted Features

  • A spacious air fryer that has 6 quarts capacity.
  • Cooks your food at a steady speed.
  • You don’t need to fret over cleaning it up.
  • It needs 70% to 80% less oil than typical deep fryers.
  • Enabled with one-touch operation.

Aria Air Fryers ATO-898 Toaster Oven Air Fryer

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How about getting yourself an all-in-one kitchen appliance? Can you imagine how space-saving and cost-efficient it’s going to be?

You can turn this into a reality by going for Aria Air Fryers ATO-898 Toaster Oven Air Fryer. It can work like a convection oven, microwave, toaster, deep fryer. So, the kitchenware can be used for roasting, frying, toasting, grilling, baking and reheating different kinds of foods. And the best part? All of these features are compressed in its 30.7 pounds body.

As if it weren’t enough, you can also dehydrate your groceries to keep them fresh in the long run. It’ll not ruin any nutritional qualities. So, we can say that with this air fryer by your side, it becomes 4x easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This machine can cook appetizing meals with up to 90% less oil. Nevertheless, the taste will be mouthwatering. So, if you’re contemplating to take a healthier route, this will definitely help you.

This appliance has 3 cooking levels. On its body, you’ll find 8 cooking presets. After all, why should cooking be a taxing job?

This is one of the most spacious air fryers. The 30Qt capacity makes it a sound choice for professional chefs as well. The product can accommodate multiple 12″ pizzas or 5.5lb chicken inside it at a single shot. Ergo, you won’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen for cooking multiple batches when you have guests at your place.

This machine performs 30% faster than convection ovens. I.e. ovens can roast a tuna in 15 minutes at 450° Fahrenheit. However, this air fryer can accomplish the same task only in a fraction!

This air fryer is accompanied by 2 grill racks and a frying basket. It also offers you a full-color recipe book in the package. So, start experimenting right away!

Highlighted Features

  • You can use it as a convection oven, microwave, toaster, deep fryer.
  • Cooks with 90% less oil than traditional fryers.
  • It has 8 presets and 3 cooking levels.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate multiple 12” pizzas.
  • You can dehydrate your groceries with it.

Air Fryers For French Fries Buying Guide

best air fryer for French Fries

Oil Usage

When looking for the best air fryer for French fries, you must inquire how much oil the particular model needs. One of the sole reasons for purchasing an air fryer is that it can prepare scrumptious dishes with little oil. 

Some fryers can reduce your fat consumption by up to 90%. The ones operating with 70% to 80% less oil are also decent. If the fryer you’re eyeing cannot tick off this criterion, you better look for something else.


Size is another crucial factor you should be mindful of. If you live with your family, you’ll need a bigger fryer. You don’t want to cook the same dish in multiple batches, do you? So, always go for XXXL or XXL fryers depending on the number of members.

But in case you live alone or with your mate, small ones are also fine. A 2 Quarts fryer will serve you just fine.

Other than that, you should also consider your kitchen’s size, if it can make space for a spacious fryer or not.

Ease of Use

User-friendliness is another factor I cannot stress enough. Often times people are tempted to buy a fancy appliance that they can never figure out how to use. You don’t want to waste your money in such a manner, right?  So, buy an air fryer that has a simplistic cooking process. If it has several cooking presets, that’ll be even better for you.

Most air fryers nowadays are sanctioned with one-touch technology. You’ll feel blessed about owning this on the days you’re running late for work. Also, don’t forget about the automatic shutdown facility for it’ll guarantee that your fries are never burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best air fryer for French Fries

Can You Make French Fries From Scratch In An Air Fryer?

You can effortlessly make French fries from scratch in your air fryer. All you have to do is cut up your potatoes, soak them up for around 20 minutes. Then spread a single layer of potato sticks in the air fryer’s frying basket, spray some oil, and let the device do its magic!

Do French Fries Taste Good In An Air Fryer?

The perk of making fries in an air fryer is that they taste just as good, but are a ton healthier! This is because you need a bare minimum amount of oil to enjoy the crispiest goodness that’s barely greasy!

How Long Do You Cook Frozen French Fries In An Air Fryer?

At around 400⁰F, frozen French fries take somewhere around 10-15 minutes to cook in an air fryer. Make sure to shake the frying basket every 5 minutes for perfect and even results.

Final Words

When you come across the best air fryer for French fries, you can savor your fries without much hassle.

However, finding the right air fryer is an arduous task in itself. It requires hours of surfing through the internet and so many comparisons!

Hence, to make it easier for you, we have come up with this article. It is based on hair-splitting research and so there’s a bare minimum chance of regretting.

Still, before purchasing the air fryer double-check if its size, weight and operation process are suitable for you or not.

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