Top 11 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids Reviews in 2024

While your kids are going to school, you must want to make sure that they have a full and healthy lunch. So, there is no better choice than packing your own lunch from home. Now, you should take a step closer to look at our top ten best lunch boxes for kids now to offer your kids a healthy meal.

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List of the Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

5 Compartment Bento Style Kids Lunch Box by Bentgo

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Let’s kick off with a pick that we believe all kids will adore. The box comes in 6 different lovely prints and colors you can choose from. It features 5 slots for great meal prep and for your kids to be interested in consuming the food.

Thanks to the leakproof tech and rubber edges, the box seals the lid tight, guaranteeing a mess-free experience. The latches are easy to open; good for little hands.

Dinner Lunch Boxes for Kids with Spork

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We have this lunch box from Qinner. It has a very innovative and compact design. These 2 pack kid lunch boxes with 4 perfectly compartments portioned designs that can make foods, snacks, sandwiches, or fruits keep separated on the go to school or travel.

These Qinner lunch boxes are incredibly durable that can preserve at a very low temperature, heated in the microwave or oven, and washed in the dishwasher. And with the food-grade rubber and airtight seal lip while these will not leak your kids’ meal or soup anywhere.

It is both BPA and lead-free, which is very safe for food-grade use.

Why should you choose lunch boxes for kids from Qinner?

  • It’s food-grade, FDA-approved, BPA free and PVC free
  • Safe for use in microwave freezer dishwasher
  • Shockproof and leakproof
  • Portables and light
  • Easy to Carry

Munchkin Toddler Lunch Box

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Here is another lunch box from Munchkin. It comes with a very beautiful bright color design. It is suitable for both toddlers and kids when they are at school. There are 5 compartments in total for users to get the food separated and get more nutrition with a more variety of food types.

It comes with a handle for convenient outdoor use, which is for the kids to grip their own lunch box. For washing, it is safe to be used a dishwasher. The recommended age is over 18 months.

THREEMAO Bento Box for Kids Lunch Box

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Let us look at this lunch box from THREEMAO. There are 5 compartments that are designed for the kid-size to hold different foods. It comes with soft rubber to prevent leaking and spilling. There is a spoon included in the box for you.

More importantly, it is safe to be washed with a dishwasher, and it can work well with both the freezer and microwave. It features 2 latches for the opening, which is very easy for small hands to operate. All the materials are approved by the FDA.

SanSiDo 6 Compartment Bento Style Children’s Lunch Box

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For now, this lunch box from SanSiDo is highly recommended for you. Inside the lunch box, it is divided into 5 compartments to store the rice, vegetable, fruits, and other additional dairy products. It is made of strong and durable materials that are resistant to drops and shocks.

It is equipped with a leakproof system to ensure that it will never create a mess. After use, users can simply put it into the dishwasher to let it do the cleaning.

Leakproof Lunch Boxes for Kids by Zulay Kitchen

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Zulay Kitchen offers us another outstanding lunch box for kids to use at school. It features 5 compartments in total to help you get the food organized easily. Therefore, parents can make sure that each meal includes vegetables and fruits to provide all the nutrition that a kid’s body needs. A free spoon is included in the box for a more convenient experience.

It comes with silicone on the edges to make sure that the lunch box is resistant to drops. After going back home, it is really easy to clean without much time consumption.

Bento Lunch Box For Kids by Kereter

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Next, we should take a look at this lunch box for kids. There are 3 large compartments in total to hold different types of food. It is made of environmentally friendly materials that are all approved to be BPA-free.

It is safe to be used with a microwave, dishwasher, and freezer at the same time. The ideal temperature for operation is between -20 and 120 degrees Celsius. It is not only perfect for schools but also suitable for outdoor activities, such as gym and picnic.

3 Compartments Lunch Containers for Kids by Jeopace

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Moving onto the next lunch box from Jeopace, it is made ideally for kids to enjoy a healthy meal every day. It comes with 3 compartments to keep food separated from one another. It is made of 100% safe material, which is approved by FDA to be BPA-free.

It comes with a leakproof system to ensure that the food will never leak or spoil. It is so sturdy that it can be used for many years ahead. It can be put in the microwave or freezer to provide the best food temperature you need.

Healthy Packers Lunch Box for Kids and Adults

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With this lunch box from Healthy Packers, you are guaranteed to be completely healthy. It comes with outstanding latches for convenient opening. There are up to 4 compartments for the storage of different food.

It features an ice pack inside, which ensures that the food always stays cool all day according to your preferences. It is guaranteed to be leakproof to make sure that your food is kept to be safe.

Leakproof 3 Compartment Lunchbox Container for Kids by 3 Sprouts

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For this lunch box from 3 Sprouts, there is a beautiful fox design on the transparent top. Users can carry the box outdoors to be ready for a healthy meal for lunch. It comes with 3 compartments in total, and therefore, users are allowed to keep the food divided clearly.

After use, users can either wash it with their hands or a dishwasher. It is leakproof, so users can put it in the backpack with the best peace of mind. Moreover, it is safe with BPA-free materials.

Leakproof Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids by New Tomorrow

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Last but not least, we have this lunch box from New Tomorrow. It features the best plastic seat that will never create any leaks or spoils. It is suitable for children to bring to school. It can be used in a microwave or a freezer, and it prefers a gentle hand wash.

There are 3 compartments in total, which means users will never have to mix their food again. Last but not least, it is food-grade safe because it is BPA-free.


The future of children starts with a healthy meal today. So, as a parent, please hesitate no further and purchase a great lunch box for your children now. We believe that using those selected lunch boxes will bring you a happy and wonderful eating experience.

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