Best Soda Makers Review | The Best Soda Maker 2024: Find Here!

Are you looking for the best soda makers? If yes, read on.

Carbonated water (soda) has many health benefits. Once in a while, we all love the fizzy, stinging, and sparkling sensation of sparkling water. It can sometimes be irritating and enjoyable all at the same time. And while carbonated water is not harmful, sugary carbonated beverages can be.

Research suggests that sparkling mineral water is 100 times less harmful than soft drinks (sugary carbonated drinks). So, why not make your own best soda at home? The one you make at home can be without sugar and has many health benefits.

A few other studies suggest that soda increases feelings of fullness, relieves constipation, improves swallowing ability, and heart health. Undoubtedly, the best way to consume soda is to make it at home without any harmful preservatives, sugars, and flavors.

So, which is the best soda maker review in the market today? Which one is worth your money and time? We have a list of 7 carefully chosen best soda makers for you.

Best Soda Makers Review List of 2024| Top 7 Soda Makers Reviewed !

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Soda Maker 

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SodaStream is our favorite soda maker brand. This brand is old, reliable, and delivers the best soda makers at reasonable prices. And so, SodaStream is our top choice and makes it to the top of our best soda maker list. The design of this soda maker is sleek, and the best part is, it is extremely easy to use.

So, it looks good and increases the beauty of your kitchen while helping you make the best soda beverages at home. All you have to do is press one button on the soda maker and voila! You have yourself some delicious sparkling water right at the comfort of your home.

This easy-to-use design is just the beginning of a long list of positive points of this soda maker. Along with a sleek look, you also get a BPA-free 1L bottle and 2 60L Co2 cylinders. Additionally, you will also receive 2 40ml zero-calorie fruit drop bottles of orange and lime flavors.

The 60L carbonated bottles are created with sustainable technology as they use less energy. And one cylinder can carbonate up to 60 liters of water. SodaStream Fizzi is a must-have for all soda lovers and, without a doubt, the best soda maker in the market.

It comes in 4 colors and is also priced reasonably $149.99. You can buy it directly from 

Key Features of Soda Stream Fizzi – Model no: 1101098010

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with 2 60L cylinders
  • 2 calorie-free fruit drop 40ml bottles
  • Uses less energy
  • Works well with all SodaStream bottles

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker | KitchenAid Soda Maker

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KitchenAid comes 2nd in our best soda maker list and for good reasons. The most important feature you need to look out with any soda maker is how easy it is to use. And this soda maker checks off that feature beautifully. It is easy to use and clean, as well.

All you need to do is fill the bottle with fresh water and put it under the carbonated lever, and you will have soda flowing out of the tap in no time. Another thing we love about this soda maker is that it is made out of die-cast metal. So, it is sturdy and durable.

It comes in 8 vibrant colors, so it will also add to the beauty of your kitchen. This KitchenAid soda maker costs $359.78. We agree, the price is more on the higher side, but it delivers what it promises. It comes with one 60L Co2 tank and one BPA-free bottle and is also compatible with SodaStream products.

You can buy this soda maker directly from 

Key Features of KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker – Model no: KSS1121CU

  • Made from die-cast metal
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes with a soft handle
  • Includes a 60L Co2 tank and BPA free bottle
  • Works well with SodaStream products

DrinkMate B07VZRWWPT | Can You Use SodaStream Bottles With DrinkMate?

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DrinkMate Soda Maker is a strong contender in the list of best soda makers. The best feature of this soda maker is that it allows you to choose the amount of fizz in your drink. If you are craving for more fizz or less, this soda maker will cater to your needs.

What makes DrinkMate the best soda maker is that you can also carbonate wine, and any other drinks it. So, it not only carbonates freshwater but also other beverages. If you crave some carbonated white wine, DrinkMate is here at your service.

The design is sleek and compact and does not take up a lot of space in your kitchen. It is light in weight, easy to use, and comes in 3 elegant colors – black, white, and red. Another feature we love about DrinkMate is that it works without electricity or batteries. It comes with a 10L Co2 cylinder so you can start enjoying refreshing sodas right away.

It costs $119, and you can buy it on 

Key Features of DrinkMate Soda Maker- Model no: 410-02-3z

  • Comes with a fizz infuser to moderate fizz level
  • Includes a 10L cylinder and a BPA-free bottle
  • Works without electricity or batteries
  • Carbonates almost all beverages
  • Compact and saves counter space

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Soda Maker | How Do You Use the One Touch on SodaStream?

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SodaStream is undoubtedly the best soda maker brand, and it swoops in yet again with another high-quality soda maker. This SodaStream soda maker reduces the number of one-time-use plastic bottles by providing flavored fizz instead.

And the best feature in this soda maker is that it takes only 5 seconds to carbonate fresh water. All you need to do is choose the level of fizz you need in your drink, add some flavor, and voila! In a matter of seconds, you have yourself an enlivening drink. You can but it directly from

Key Features of SodaStream Fizzi One Soda Maker- Model no: 1101180010

  • Comes with 2 60L Co2 Cylinders
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted brand
  • Snap-lock bottle insertion

Aarke – Carbonator I: Do SodaStream Bottles Work With Aarke? The Best Soda Maker 2024

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If you are a lover of esthetics and want a non-plastic and solid soda maker, this is the one. Completely made of stainless steel, this soda maker is durable, easy-to-use, and compact. It’s powerful and, at the same time, does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

While we love Aarke’s soda makers, this one does not come with a Co2 cylinder. So you would have to separately purchase the cylinder to use this soda maker. This rock-solid soda maker can accommodate up to a 60L Co2 cylinder, which lasts for a reasonably long duration. You can buy this soda maker here.

Key Features of Aarke Carbonate – Model No: AA01

  • Sleek design made from stainless steel
  • Includes a non-toxic PET bottle
  • Has a unique lever release feature
  • Runs without battery or electricity

Aarke – Carbonator II | What Is The Best Water Carbonator?

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Carbonator II is an upgraded version of carbonator I. It has the same stainless steel gorgeous body and durability just with more added features that make this product even smoother. Aarke is a trusted and tested brand by many industry experts.

They promise what they deliver, and carbonator II is no exception. It comes in 4 refreshing colors – golden, black, steel, and white. The last 3 colors cost $219, while the golden carbonator costs $329. You can purchase this rocket soda maker here.

Key Features of Aarke Carbonatre II– Model no: AA01-C2-STEEL

  • Comes in 4 elegant colors
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with PET bottle
  • Makes your soda within 10 seconds
  • 2 Year Warranty

iSi Steel Soda Water Maker Siphon | How To USe iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon: Review

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Last but not least, in our best soda maker list is the iSi soda maker. It is made from the best quality stainless steel and is perfect for cocktail parties. Unlike other soda makers, the bottle and the soda maker are the same in this one. So you don’t need to worry about storing large bottles of soda in your fridge.

Fill the stainless steel bottle with fresh water and close the carbonator lid, press the lever, and you are done. In seconds you have a bottle full of fizzy water. After you are done using the soda maker, all you need to do is wash the cap and bottle.

This is great for those who love sodas, high-quality soda makers, and have a lower budget. It costs $75.42 and is available on for purchase.

Key Features of iSi Steel Soda Water Siphon- Model no: 1020

  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Stylish design
  • Reasonable pricing
  • 1-quart capacity
  • Safety features to prevent over-filling with a pressure control valve

Best Soda Maker Buy Guide & FAQ 

Best Soda Makers Review

How Do We Choose The Best Soda Makers?

The first and the most important thing we consider while choosing the best soda maker is the quality of the soda maker. High-quality soda makers last long and also make good sodas smoothly. We also look at the brand and review carefully if they deliver their promises.

We conduct in-depth market research on each product and consider its performance, quality, price range, and customer reviews. Our lists include high-quality products with different price ranges that suit people with all budgets.

What Are The Features To Look For In A Quality Soda Maker?

Look for the quality, weight, capacity, durability, size, and carbonation level. If you drink sodas regularly, look for a soda maker with a larger capacity that can hold up to 60L Co2 cylinders as they last longer. If you like more fizz sometimes and less fizz the other times, look for a soda maker that has the option to customize this.

What Is A Soda Maker?

A soda maker injects carbon-dioxide into the water and turns in to sparkling water. There are essentially two types of soda makers – soda siphons and soda makers.

Soda siphons are old school, soda makers. Siphons come with a bottle and a cap. The cap contains the lever. You put water into the bottle, cover it with the cap, and then press the lever. Soda siphons are great travel buddies. They also cost less. An excellent soda siphon is the iSi soda siphon that we have recommended above.

Soda makers are full-on soda, making machines that come with a soda maker, Co2 cylinders, bottles, and flavors. These are more expensive than the siphons but are great to have at home. These are easy to use and can make a soda for you within seconds.

Some soda makers also allow you to control the level of fizz in your drink. If you love sodas and drink them regularly, a high-quality soda maker is a great investment.

How Do I Clean My Soda Maker?

First, you can refer to the user manual for any queries related to your soda maker. The soda making machines do not need cleaning, but the bottles do. If you drink soda daily, then you need to wash the bottle every day. Especially if you add flavors to your drinks, you will need to clean the residue from the flavors. Put a drop of cleaning liquid in the bottle, add some water to it and clean it with a long cleaning brush.

Fill some more water into the bottle and shake it thoroughly to cleanse further.

Can I Carbonate Other Beverages Other Than Water?

Soda makers are made to carbonate water. But the good news is that you can carbonate other drinks like cold brew coffee, white wine, juices, etc. We know that the love for cold brew coffee is on the rise, so go for it and enjoy some fizzy cold brew coffee.

Be careful when you attempt to carbonate drinks other than water and keep your warranty in hand. Sometimes when brewing other drinks, the machine might collapse. That’s when your warranty will come into use. Few brands like DrinkMate design soda makers to carbonate other drinks as well.

Is It A Good Idea To Re-Carbonate Flat Drinks?

While re-carbonating a flat drink is mostly like safe, please proceed with caution. Most soda makers are made to carbonate only water. Attempting to carbonate a store-bought coke or any other soda can cause the soda maker to blow up in your kitchen.

If you want to carbonate drinks other than water, go for DrinkMate as it is designed to carbonate other drinks as well.

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