Luxury Grilling: 10 Expensive Grills For The Barbecues Of The Rich

Man has been burning beasts since he first tamed flames, but the relatively simple process of barbecuing has evolved with a fever pitch over time. Today, the art of grilling has been made bigger and better by adding shiny stainless steel, multiple burners, wheels, thermometers, refrigerators, and even touch screens. Before you dust off that clamshell Weber, Big Green Egg, or try to remember what kind of valve your empty propane tank has, hit the jump to see how rich folk will be getting their grill on this Spring.

expensive grills of the rich

10 Expensive Grills for the Barbecues of the Rich

KitchenAid KFRU488TSS

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At 48 inches long, this propane KitchenAid model costs roughly $1,000 per grill foot. Hot dogs don’t stand a chance against 851 square inches of cooking space and a 20,000 BTU “high-output infrared sear burner.” Thankfully, this grill has flare-up countermeasures.

GrillCo 60″ SS Gas Grill Mobile Trailer Unit

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For the price of a used Honda Civic, true barbecue fans can cook on a grill roughly the size of one. Grillco’s 60” mobile gas grill is big enough to roast a polar bear and weighs more than 800 pounds. Nothing says ‘Now you’re cooking!’ like dual brake lights, underslung spring axle, and swing tongue jack.

Alfresco LX2 47″ Freestanding gas grill

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Alfresco’s LX2 47” gas grill has 770 square inches of cooking space, an integrated rotisserie, and halogen lighting to help illuminate the hole your wallet has burned through your pocket.

Lynx L54PSFR-1LP 54” Professional Series

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With more than 1,500 square inches of searing space, this 54” Lynx grill has stainless steel grates, a removable smoker box, blue LED-lit gauges, and ceramic briquettes that radiate the grill’s 100,000 BTUs evenly.

Crown Verity IG-36 Island Grill

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With five burners, 759 pounds, and 80,000 BTUs, Crown Verity’s IG-36 Island Grill is big enough to grill an actual island. Built around a fridge, this grill is handmade with Brazilian walnut accents and has Quebec granite countertops. Hope you have a classy backyard.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet 900 Hybrid

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Cook with wood, gas, or charcoal on Kalamazoo’s Outdoor Gourmet 900 Hybrid model. Ceramic-lined drawers help diffuse gas heat or can be swapped with drawers for wood or charcoal cooking. Expert, well-funded grillers can use both the gas burners and a few embers of hardwood for extra smoky flavor.

Fire Magic E1060s-2A1-51 Echelon

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The “Grandaddy of all gas grills,” the Fire Magic E1060s-2A1-51 Echelon is more outdoor kitchen than a barbecue grill. It has a rotisserie backburner, smoke hood, and internal wok ring.

Solaire 56″ InfraVection Refrigerated Cart Grill

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Time, as we all know, is money. Thankfully, the 56” Solaire InfraVection preheats in under three minutes. This unit comes with a built-in refrigerator, dual side burners, and 1,027 square inches of top-notch kebab real estate.

Touchscreen grill

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This man wanted what no other grill had, so he built it himself. A custom-built smoker/grill, this $15,000 monstrosity has high-quality speakers and amplifiers, and a touch screen displays perfect for greasy pointer poking.

Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite sold by Frontgate

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Described by the New York Times as a “sprawling stainless steel temple,” the Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite is probably bigger than your backyard and kitchen combined. Details are somewhat scant, but a Frontgate spokeswoman told the Times the suite boasts a “searing station,” hardwood cutting board, a warming drawer, and a bartender station with a built-in sink.


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