What Are The Different Types Of Packaging Machines?

Remember the stories of our grandparents always having access to super fresh items? There weren’t neat packaging systems on those days, still, the things were healthy and protected. These days nobody has the time to cultivate regular necessities and rely on daily handmade products. With the advancing technology, people understood the measures of preservation and hence started stocking things up.

Now all these stocked goods cannot be left open or with fragile sachet packaging. This is why packaging machines were introduced. They keep the products fresh in an air-tight environment, save them from extreme sunlight, and protect them from unexpected ants and rodent’s attacks!

What is the importance of packaging machines?

Packaging Machines

Let’s just say the production industry would be incomplete without packaging types of machinery. Previously industries depended on manpower for packaging. The packaging wouldn’t still have the perfect finish after hours of hard work. They lacked a moisture lock, perfect seal, and a never-ending monotony.

It takes us about an hour to wrap a gift, let alone packaging. Wax and fire are replaced by technology now! Scientists designed packaging machines that are versatile and fulfill all packaging requirements. Whatever you see in the markets, a chips packet or a cosmetic package, everything is a result of these packaging machines.

Features of Packaging Machines

  • Saves energy and time
  • Increases production level
  • Guarantees safety from unwanted exposures
  • Some machines transport goods for long distances
  • Gives sealed and perfect finish 

Types of Packaging Machines

Each packaging machine comes with its own packing mission. A single machine is not sufficient for the entire process.

Rather, a wide chain of packaging machines syncs together to seal and secure all your products. Each product type also has an individual function for packaging. Here are the most used packaging machines in the packaging industry:

  • The machine that seals legumes and grain packets after storing them in a bag
  • Machines that stuffs chips, teas, etc. in a strong package
  • Automatic machines for filling flour, rice, cereal, etc.
  • Machines for packing dried and solid items
  • Machines for storing liquids, Non-Newtonian fluids, etc.

Different Types of Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines

Case Packing

This kind of machinery is used to pack cases of all types and volumes. Here cases can be crammed quickly, efficiently, and uniformly. An additional case sealer is used here to secure the contents inside.

Fill Machines

Based on the type of solid and liquid, the filling machine can differ. Here the packaging machine takes a flat or y-fold material and forms a container. Next, the machine seals the packages, and the products are ready to go. 

Laminating Machine

This machine protects your cards, pictures, badges, pamphlets, certificates by laminating. This adds a more professional touch if you are in the card business.

Sealing Machines

After a product has been put inside, this machine is used to seal the container to make it air-tight. These machines are widely used in pharmaceutical industries. 

Shrinking Machine

This kind of machine shrinks the packaging with its heat pressure. Then it takes the shape of the product it surrounds. 

Strapping Machines

This machine does not actually fit into the packaging criteria. Whenever you see stacks of chips or biscuits bundled up together, understand that the strapping machine did the magic.

Vacuum Packaging

None of the packaging industries are complete without this machine. They remove the atmospheric pressure from the products and make them sealed and air-tight. This kind of packaging is used in food packaging and waterproof electronics. 

Some Packaging Equipment

  • Air packer
  • Auger packer
  • Bagging machine
  • Heat sealer
  • Impulse sealers
  • Rotatory sealers

The packaging machines are still adding wonders by creating jute bags for environmental protection, sachet packaging for single usage, sample packaging for trial, bubble wraps to protect glassware, and relieving stress. 

 Depending on the type of products, the packaging of your daily necessities is done by:

Packaging Machines

Paperboard Packaging

These types of packaging are very light yet sturdy. This type of packaging comes in different grades. Mostly these are used in packing frozen foods, juices, cosmetics, medicine, etc.

Corrugated Packaging

This consists of cardboard type packaging. These kinds of packaging are strong and durable. These are used in packing shoes, pizzas, retailed goods, etc.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging stands out from the rest as it is recyclable and is more durable than paperboard packaging. The different grades of plastic boxes are used to store food items and cosmetics.

Rigid Packaging

This kind of packaging is used for luxury goods and is four times thicker than paperboard boxes. From iPhones to Rolex, whatever be your luxury pick, rigid packaging is used. 

Polybag Packaging

Polybags are simple to make and structurally strong and durable. These packaging are made visually attractive with top-notch security features. They store food items, flowers, chemicals, books, etc. 

Full sealed packaging

These packaging are made air-tight. These packaging are the best for storing flavors and hence used on tea bags and coffee packs. This packaging also prevents bacteria. Bed sheets, clothing, etc. are also under this packaging style.

Wide application of Packaging Machines

Apart from protection and packaging, these machines also provide:

  • Easy transport & management
  • Fast & efficient work medium
  • Prevents extreme temperature & moisture harm
  • Storage in some cases

Defects of a Packaging Machine

These types of machines lessen the workloads, but they can also be defective. For example, machines with comparatively lower costs are less efficient. Some machines may come with manufacturing defects that can destroy a complete manufactured batch.

Sometimes machines can get faulty and gets really tough to fix. Above all, no one can guarantee the longevity of the packaging machine.  But can you believe your life functioning without a packaging machine?

Bottom Line

Packaging machines are essentials in our lives for restoring freshness and protection. These Types of Packaging Machines really did make our lives simpler and safer!

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