A Guide To Choose The Perfect Pass Thru Refrigerator

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen? You have set foot right in the correct place! A pass thru refrigerator will be a fantastic option to innovate your cooking space, because it offers both convenience and style, making it to be an eye-catching addition to the kitchen. 

Upgrading your kitchen with a pass thru refrigerator can be a difficult task. You want to get the best appliance for your needs, but there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Plus, with all of the different features and benefits available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what will work best in your kitchen. 

But fear not, because in this blog post, we have come up with lists of the necessary information before choosing a pass thru refrigerator. Everything you need to know will be discussed – from its features and benefits to how it can save you time and money in the long run. Helpful tips on choosing the best pass thru refrigerator that fits your budget will also be provided. So read on to know how this outstanding production can make your kitchen life easier!

Pass Thru Refrigerator Comparison 2024

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Pass Thru Refrigerator Review 2024

Best For Food-displaying – CRT772R Pass Thru Glass Door Show Case

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The CRT772R Pass Thru Glass Door Show Case is an innovative addition to any type of kitchen, as it provides great convenience, benefits and style. The CFC-free R-134A refrigeration system helps keep your food items fresh, cold and looking great for a long period of time. This product also utilizes a two-door pass-through system for easy access, allowing you to easily transfer food items between two areas. This smart design helps save you a lot of time when preparing meals or entertaining guests.

The glass cabinet display has been designed to offer maximum freshness and visibility of all the items stored inside, making it a great choice for businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, cafeterias and more. As for a home kitchen, it will be a great way to display all the delicious dishes a family has in store, making a wonderful decoration for a homey cooking space.

All in all, the CRT772R Pass Thru Glass Door Show Case is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to upgrade their cooking area with a modern, elegant and functional appliance! We highly recommend this pass thru fridge for your kitchen glow-up!


  • Utilizes a two-door pass-through system for easy access 
  • Offers an efficient refrigeration system 
  • Has great viewing ability 
  • Preserves food items for a long period of time 
  • Saves a lot of time and money in the long run


  • Installation may require professional help depending on the original setup of your kitchen

Best For Food-Preserving – Traulsen G-Series G20004P Solid Door 2-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator

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The Traulsen G-Series G20004P Solid Door 2-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator will make a nice and positive change for almost all types of kitchens. This large two-section refrigerator has six adjustable epoxy-coated shelves, four half-length solid doors per side and left/right control side door hinges, creating a great capacity for storing food products.

It also features a microprocessor control with an LED readout for precise temperature control, a TempAssure airflow system to keep the temperature of the air constant and top-mounted, self-contained refrigeration using R-134a refrigerant, ensuring that all kinds of food and beverages will be preserved greatly.

This pass thru fridge is designed to be sturdy and durable, with stainless steel front and doors, anodized aluminum sides, and interior, making this model very long-lasting and reliable. It is UL, CUL, NSF certified and Energy Star listed for energy efficiency. With an impressive 48.8 cu ft net capacity and 34.6 sq ft shelf area, this refrigerator is ideal for any kitchen setting, commercial or not.

All in all, the Traulsen G-Series G20004P Solid Door 2-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator is a great choice for almost any type of kitchen from restaurants, and cafeterias to diners and bakeries. It provides precise temperature control, durability and energy efficiency at an affordable price. What a convenient and money-saving option for a change in your kitchen!


  • Six adjustable epoxy-coated shelves
  • Four half-length solid doors per side 
  • Microprocessor control with LED readout for precise temperature control
  • TempAssure airflow system to maintain consistent air temperature 
  • Top-mounted, self-contained refrigeration using R134a refrigerant 
  • UL, CUL and NSF certified 
  • Energy Star listed for energy efficiency  


  • High initial cost
  • The size may be too large to fit in some spaces

Best For Kitchen Aesthetic – KoolMore CDCU-3C-SS Commercial refrigerators

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The KoolMore CDCU-3C-SS Commercial Refrigerator is a great option for those who want to display their food and beverages in an attractive and eye-catching manner. It features four glass panels, giving customers maximum visibility of the products inside. The three adjustable shelves provide ample space for showcasing aesthetic food items such as cupcakes, cakes, sandwiches, and yogurts.

The front digital display makes it easy to monitor the temperature inside, while an automatic defrost feature and digital temperature control ensure consistent temperatures. Finally, the ETL listing means that this refrigerated display case is safe for use in a cooking environment, ensuring safety and professionalism in your food selling work.

Especially, this space-saving model is very ieal for businesses with limited countertop space, such as bakeries and cafes, and home cooks who wish to change up and upgrade their kitchens a little bit. Overall, the KoolMore CDCU-3C-SS Commercial Refrigerator is a highly recommended product for businesses and aesthetic family kitchens, seeing that it greatly increases the customer’s impulse buys and offers an attractive display of food and beverages.


  • Modern design with four sides of glass panels
  • LED lighting in all four corners
  • Three adjustable chrome rust-resistant shelves 
  • Digital controls for easy monitoring of temperature 
  • Automatic defrost feature and digital temperature control range of 33 – 40 Degrees F 
  • Space-saving design for countertop use 
  • ETL is listed for safety and sanitation  


  • The initial cost may be too high

Best For Advertising – KoolMore CDCU-3C-WH Commercial refrigerators

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Looking for a new pass thru refrigerator for a fortunate business? The KoolMore CDCU-3C-WH Commercial refrigerator is the ideal option! The unit is designed with four sides of glass panels, as well as bright LED lighting in all four corners, making it perfect for point-of-purchase sales to attract customers and increase impulse buys. Additionally, it features three adjustable chrome rust-resistant shelves that provide ample space to showcase various items of food. Advertising your food products has never been easier.

The KoolMore refrigerator also comes with a digital control system for easy monitoring of the temperature. An automatic defrost feature and digital temperature control ensure consistent temperatures, help preserving the food for longer.

The overall dimensions are 38″H x 16.7″ L x 15.9″ W, making this a space-efficient solution for establishments with limited space such as bakeries, cafes and small diners.  

Furthermore, the merchandiser cooler is ETL listed for safety and sanitation, meaning that it meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI 7 for safe use in commercial settings. 

All in all, this is an excellent choice for any commercial setting that needs an effective refrigeration solution.


  • Four sides of glass panels
  • LED lighting to showcase items 
  • Adjustable chrome rust-resistant shelves provide ample space 
  • A digital control system
  • Automatic defrost feature
  • Digital temperature control guarantee consistent temperatures  
  • ETL is listed for safety and sanitation 
  • Space-efficient dimensions


  • None identified

Best For Space – Traulsen G-Series G10012P Solid Door 1-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator

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The Traulsen G-Series G10012P Solid Door 1-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator is an exceptional appliance that offers both convenience and efficiency for your cookery. The refrigerator features one full-length solid door on each side, with right control side door hinges and right opposite side door hinges for easy access. It also comes with three standard adjustable epoxy-coated shelves for plenty of storage and organization – which mean maximum capacity despite its humble size.

Durable and simple to clean, the stainless steel construction is a great choice. The pass thru feature allows cooks to quickly access the contents without having to open both doors or pass items through from one side to the other. Busy kitchens may find this product ideal, since it is suitable for hectic cooking environment that requires quick moving and preparing. 

This refrigerator runs quietly and skillfully, and is a great addition to any food service or commercial kitchen. Especially, this size is suitable for small cooking or narrow kitchens, allowing chefs to have more areas for cooking.

Overall, the Traulsen G-Series G10012P Solid Door 1-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator is an excellent choice for busy kitchens looking for convenience and efficiency.


  • Huge capacity for storage and organization 
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean 
  • Allows staff to quickly access contents
  • Runs quietly and efficiently 
  • Ideal size for small kitchens


  • Limited capacity

Pass Thru Refrigerator Benefits

pass thru refrigerator

For home cooks who wish to change up their kitchen decorations or businesses in need of dependable and effective refrigeration systems, the pass thru refrigerator can be a fantastic choice. These units always feature two doors, one on the front side and one at the rear, allowing users to easily access products without having to reach inside the refrigerator or taking out all the old food items – which can cause a mess and inconvenience in your cooking area. This design even minimizes energy loss when accessing items while also preventing cold air from escaping each time the door is opened – which is great for saving energy and money.

Additionally, pass thru refrigerators often provide improved temperature control with digital thermostats, so you can keep food at optimal temperatures for longer periods of time. Accurate temperature helps cooks to store the food more effecinely and conveniently, as different type of food requires different preserving temperature and condition.

Furthermore, this type of refrigerator is designed with adjustable shelves and bright LED lighting, making them ideal for point-of-sale displays and encourage impulse buys. Diners, restaurants, coffee shops and all kinds of food selling businesses will find this feature benefit greatly for their job. What is a better way to promote your products than displaying them for all customers to see?

Finally, they come in a range of sizes to suit any space needs of establishment. With all these benefits combined, it is easy to see why pass thru refrigerators are an excellent choice for any cooking setting that are looking for a efficient and esthetic cooling solution.      

All in all, some common benefits of a pass thru refrigerator that are worth considering are:

  • Reduce energy loss with two doors – saving electricity and money
  • Conveniently allow items to be taken from the front and stocked from the back
  • Improve temperature control with digital thermostats 
  • Adjustable shelves and LED lighting for point-of-sale displays 
  • A variety of sizes to fit any needs of customers
  • Longer-lasting food freshness through improved temperature control

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pass Thru Refrigerator

pass thru refrigerator

Whichever price range it is, purchasing a pass thru refrigerator may be a huge investment for any home cooks or food selling businesses, that is why it needs to be considered carefully. Tons of information and models available in the market may be confusing, and it may takes longer to choose an ideal pass thru fridge if you don’t know where to start. So before choosing a suitable refrigerator product for an innovative kitchen, it is necessary to walk through some factors below. 

Consider Your Space Needs 

When selecting a pass thru refrigerator for your kitchen, space needs are one of the first things that should be thought of. Pass thru fridges come in various sizes, so make sure you measure out your available space before making a purchase decision. 

Before deciding to buy a pass thru fridge, remember to check their wide and height. This will help ensure that you don’t end up with a fridge that won’t fit in your designated area or is too small to meet your storage requirements.

Look For Features That Fit Your Cooking Space

Different models of pass thru refrigerators offer different sizes and models, which can benefit each cook differently, depending on their cooking style and needs. When deciding the features you need, make sure to consider your cooking routine and style, as well as the type of business you are in and the requirement it has. Once you list out every features you need, it will be easier and faster to choose an ideal product. For example, if you are a bakery or deli that serves customers directly, look for features such as an open front door and adjustable shelves to provide easy access to food items.  

Choose A Pass Thru Refrigerator With The Right Temperature Settings 

Temperature control is an important factor to think about when looking for a pass-thru refrigerator. Each type of food products require an accurate temperature settings, so it is important to choose a fridge that can provide the right levels that your kitchen needs.

Additionally, digital thermostats are available in some models and offer improved accuracy, which is often beneficial for businesses that require precise temperature settings. 

Consider The Energy Efficiency 

When choosing a pass thru refrigerator, make sure to contemplate the energy efficiency of the model you are looking at. Look out for features such as high insulation and double doors to help reduce energy usage and costs. This may help saving lots of money in the long run.

Other than that, many types of pass thru fridge offer LED lighting which is beneficial for both visibility and energy savings. Base on your needs, you can consider getting a fridge with LED lightning or not to save money and electricity.

Look For Quality Construction 

Finally, make sure to mull over the construction quality of the pass thru refrigerator before deciding to purchase one. Refrigerators with superior build quality often last longer and deliver better performance than those with inferior construction. 

Other than that, you should consider looking for models that offer added protection against wear and tear, such as stainless steel exteriors. This will ensure your fridge can withstand the rigors of daily commercial use. 

Ultimately, choosing a pass thru refrigerator is not an easy task. There are several certain factors to think of before making an investment decision. However, by taking into account the points mentioned above, you can be sure to find a fridge that will provide reliable and efficient refrigeration method, all the while adding some positive changes to your cooking space.

FAQs about Pass Thru Refrigerator

pass thru refrigerator

What are the benefits of using a pass thru refrigerator? 

Answer: Pass thru refrigerators provide efficient temperature control – which benefits food preserving greatly, improved accessibility for staff and customers, energy savings due to high insulation and double doors, and superior construction for long-lasting use. 

Especially, with its distinctive two-door feature, a pass thru refrigerator allows cooks to take out the food from the front while stocking more from the back, serving the “first-in-first-out” purpose. This prevent the food from being out of date, and helps stocking new items easily and quickly. 

Does size matter when selecting a pass thru refrigerator? 

Answer: Yes, size does matter when selecting a pass thru refrigerator, as it needs to fit in your designated area as well as meet your storage requirements. Make sure to measure out the available space and checking the sizes of the product before deciding to buy one. It is best if the fridge you choose can fit your selected area precisely. 

Are digital thermostats important in pass thru fridges?  

Answer: It all depends on your cooking routine, style and needs. Digital thermostats offer improved accuracy with temperature settings, which is often beneficial for businesses that require precise levels of cooling. If you have a food selling business or wish to make complex dishes that requires proper preserving, this is something that should be considered thoroughly.

How do I ensure that my chosen pass thru refrigerator model offers quality construction? 

Answer: Look for pass thru refrigerator products that have added protection against wear and tear, for example, stainless steel exteriors. This will ensure your fridge can withstand the rigors of daily use. You can also consider the fridge with removable shelves, as it can help your cleaning easier.

Another great way to gauge build quality is to check out reviews from other customers. Take some time to read the buyer’s comment, consider the pros and cons of each product before deciding to buy the most suitable fridge for your kitchen.


Pass thru refrigerators are a suitable piece of equipment for any type of kitchen because it not only ensures the “first-in-first-out” motto for food but also offer efficient features for cooking. From temperature control, improved accessibility to energy savings – your kitchen routine will be so much easier. Investing in a high-quality pass thru fridge will provide reliable cooling solutions that last long into the future – so don’t wait! Check out our best choice – the CRT772R Pass Thru Glass Door Show Case and place an order for yourself straight away!

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We are glad you enjoyed this article enough to read it until now! We hope this information has given you a better understanding of the pass thru refrigerator and provided useful methods for choosing the most suitable one for your cooking space. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us; we are pleased to assist. Thank you and happy cooking!

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