Top 10 Best Rotary Peeler Reviews

There are several different kitchen appliances that many people do not know about. One such example would be a rotary peeler. While most people know what a traditional peeler is, rotary ones are more uncommon. However, the aid they provide in a kitchen is almost priceless.

rotary peeler

The way rotary peeler work is fairly simple. They basically have a spinning axis on which the vegetable or fruit is inserted and a blade that will stay in a fixed position. The blade will scrape the surface of the produce. Some models are actually electric. They do not require any kind of interaction from the user, while others are manual. The person using it might need to rotate a handle that spins the fruit or vegetable against the blade. Overall, they are much faster than traditional peelers, and they are just as easy to clean.

The only trouble with rotary peelers is that there aren’t all that many different models to choose from. Also, certain models seem to be offered by different manufacturers despite the fact that they are absolutely identical. This made it quite difficult to find 10 different models that work well and do not cost too much. To keep things short, let’s jump right to our list of the top 10 best rotary peeler reviews.

rotary peeler

Best Rotary Peeler Comparison

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Best Rotary Peeler Reviews

LOHOME Electric Peeler

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The LOHOME electric peeler is a simple device that comes with a reasonable price tag. It is mainly made out of plastic and comes fully assembled. Using it is straightforward, and everyone can skip the instructions manual.

In order to use it, the fruit or vegetable needs to be placed in the pins on the base, and the top one should be lowered. Once turned on, the machine will spin the fruit, and the blade will just peel it from top to bottom. It takes about 10 seconds to peel a potato. The model can be powered using the 6V adapter included or 4 AA batteries.

Matfer Bourgeat 215250 Apple Peeler

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The Matfer Bourgeat is advertised as an apple peeler but can be used for pretty much anything else. It is a simple manual peeler that comes with a heavy metal construction.

The design of the peeler is fairly simple. It has a fixed blade on the side and fins oriented horizontally on which the fruit of a vegetable needs to be inserted. To peel all it takes to rotate the handle. It is worth noting that it is a rather expensive device which will be a major turnoff for the ones that are looking for a cheap rotating peeler.

HAKSEN Apple Peeler

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HAKSEN offers a great and inexpensive rotating peeler, and despite being advertised as being designed for apples, it is great for vegetables as well. It is a simple product that comes with a lightweight design.

Using the device is fairly intuitive. The item that needs to be peeled needs to be inserted in the long metal pins while the blade will remove the skin as the fruit or vegetable is rotated. The handle is fairly small but rather easy to operate and does not require a lot of force to spin.

Starfrit 93169 Rotato

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The Starfrit Rotato is a great device that should not be missing from any kitchen. It is an inexpensive manual rotating peeler that makes it possible to remove the skin of a potato in a matter of seconds.

Similar to other rotating peelers, the product is made out of plastic. It has a mobile blade and a handle placed at the top that rotates the fruit or vegetable. The model is fairly easy to clean and comes with 4 additional space blades that can be replaced with minimal effort.

Nostalgia Electrics 50’s Style Electric Potato Twister and Peeler

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The Nostalgia Electrics peeler is a great little product that comes with a stylish design and an excellent price tag. It is an electric peeler that works with both fruits and vegetables. It can peel a potato in a matter of seconds and has a simple one-touch operation.

What makes this particular model special is the fact that it comes with multiple types of blades and has a storage compartment. The model is made mostly out of metal and needs to be cleaned by hand. It cannot be placed in a dishwashing machine.

ATE Peeler

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ATE has a simple and inexpensive peeler that will appeal the most to the ones that have a limited budget. It is a simple model that comes with a metal construction and a security system that keeps the fruit or vegetable from slipping.

Using the model does not take much effort. The fruit just needs to be placed on the pins, and the blade with just stay pressed onto it as it is spring-loaded. All it takes is to rotate the handle. The product can be used with all types of fruits and vegetables, making it a great helper in any kitchen.

Starfrit 092999-006-RED1 Apple Peeler

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The Starfrit apple peeler is a small and inexpensive product that can get the job fairly well. It is made mostly out of plastic, and it is extremely easy to use. The model works pretty much the same as most other manual rotating peelers work.

To make it work, the model has a spring-loaded arm that holds the blades. This makes it possible to peel pretty much anything regardless of its shape. In the kit, the manufacturers included a corner slicer as a bonus and a small recipe book.

Masione Apple Peeler

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Even if the Masione is advertised as an apple peeler, the product can be used for other fruits and vegetables as well. It is an inexpensive model made out of metal that is easy to clean and just as easy to operate.

The model comes with a solid base that will not slip off the table. It uses high-quality stainless steel blades, and it is very easy to use. Cleaning it also does not require much effort, but due to its size, the peeler cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

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Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler is a compact model with a really low price tag. It is recommended t the ones that have a really limited budget. The model is made entirely out of plastic, yet it is still durable.

Similar to other models, it has a spring-loaded blade and comes with a bonus corner slicer. Its base is equipped with suction feet that make it more stable and prevent it from slipping. The model can be used for more than just apples, and it is fairly easy to clean.

Johnny Apple Peeler TM by VICTORIO

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VICTORIO offers one of the more popular peelers that come with a decent price tag and excellent all-metal construction. The model also features a suction base that makes the entire machine a lot more stable.

Just like any other peeler, the model has a spring-loaded blade and a convenient handle. It is fairly easy to clean, but it is a bit heavy. It is not recommended to be placed in a dishwashing machine.

Final Words

Rotating peelers are usually manual or electric. The electric ones are not that expensive when compared with the manual ones, and sometimes they are also not that reliable. They are much more convenient, but manual ones are much better at peeling fruits and vegetables.

For our list, we selected several interesting models. The ones that are made out of plastic might seem cheap and not that solid, but they can get the job done quite well. Overall all of them are worth at least checking.

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