Best Single Group Commercial Espresso Machine 2024

Picture this- your dream little coffee shop, buzzing with a steady flow of customers, and wafting with the blissful aroma of freshly brewed coffee indulgence.

Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Well, in order to make such dreams come true, you can’t make do with the basic coffee makers you use at home. This is where a more commercial standard device comes into the spotlight.

So today we’re all about how to purchase the best single group commercial espresso machine to initiate your professional coffee ventures.

If you’re feeling fancy, feel free to equip one at home too! This is because they are good enough for personal use as well when you want to enjoy a premium cup of coffee every day right in the comfort of your home!

Best Single Group Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews

Klarstein Passionata Rossa

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If you’re looking for the perfect device to have a luxurious shot of espresso whenever you desire, this model is a great choice to opt for-even for your home or office!

With dimensions of 7.87 x 11.81 x 13.78 inches, this cutesy model seats neatly on your counter while being eye-catchingly aesthetic. The device has the capacity to produce up to 6 cups of coffee before requiring it to be refilled. This is because the removable water reservoir has a capacity of 1.3 quarts.

Since the reservoir is detachable, refilling is hence made easy, while making cleaning up more convenient too. This commercial espresso machine possesses a pressure bar of up to 20 pumps, thus enabling you to make the perfect espressos every time!

Cleaning up is made a less hassle-free chore thanks to the removable mesh drip tray and reservoir. The simple intuitive controls make the device operation effortless. It features an automated pressure-release function as well, aiding the durability of your device.

If espressos are not the only thing you want to enjoy, it takes care of that too by providing you the most luscious lattes or cappuccinos! The steaming nozzle is easy to use and adjust which allows you to create stellar milk foams to create a versatile array of coffee masterpieces.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design and visually attractive
  • Removable water reservoir with a 6-cup/1.3-quart capacity
  • 20-pump bars of pressure for superb coffee extraction
  • Simple, intuitive controls for easy operation

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse

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Whether for the perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte, this particular model doesn’t fall short in any area to meet all your premium caffeine cravings.

It is a great option to go for since it is super-simple to operate with the single touch of a button for your desired coffee. Just choose whether you want a single shot of espresso or double, and let the machine work all its magic!

Equipped with a Thermocouple heating system, the water is heated faster with enhanced uniformity. You thus get to enjoy a blissful dose of buzz faster than usual. That’s not all. Thanks to its Italian 19-bar pump, the device extracts the maximum flavor from the grounds for the richest and darkest flavor and aroma.

This model possesses an automated milk frother that has the capacity to perfectly froth up any kind of milk. You thus get to enjoy a pro cup any time, even in the comfort of your home or office! The 650 ml milk reservoir is removable, facilitating convenient refills and cleanup.

With its professional look and dimensions of 13 x 10.6 x 14.3 inches, this model is hence a great option to opt for. Whether it’s for your startup coffee shop venture, office, or even your home! You also get to use your favorite mug for your favorite dose of coffee as the cup tray is adjustable to fit various cup sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Italian 19 bar pressure pump for effective coffee extraction
  • Removable 650ml milk reservoir
  • Faster and more uniform water heating due to Thermocouple heating system
  • Automated milk frother that foams up any type of milk perfectly

Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro

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Composed of stainless steel for durability that lasts for ages, the Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro is a device to count on for a premium barista-standard coffee experience.

With a 61-ounce capacity, this model features an Italian 15 bar pump that applies more than ample pressure to squeeze out all the flavor from your coffee grounds. You thus get to enjoy the most authentic and heavenly shot of expressos every time.

It offers you the flexibility to extract single or double espresso shots as you desire. The inclusion of a water filter ensures that you get to indulge in an unaltered coffee flavor even when you have a hard water source. Both the water and milk reservoirs are composed of stainless steel to offer maximum durability.

The pump initiates the extraction process with a lower amount of pressure, which enables the grounds to bloom. Pressure is increased later and hence, you get the maximum flavor extraction for a premium shot of espresso at all times.

Whether you intend to use freshly ground coffee or pre-grounds, the included dual and single baskets with both a single and a double cup capacity aid in both. Whatever it is that you use, the result is always a silky-smooth velvety coffee with the richest flavor and luscious mouthfeel!

Life is made easier thanks to the model’s cleaning alerts so that you never miss a cleaning schedule. The heating system purges automatically post-steaming, ensuring the perfect temperature for an ideal shot of espresso every time.

Highlighted Features

  • Italian 15 bar pump that enables the grounds to bloom first
  • Water filter included to filter out excessive minerals
  • Drip tray alerts and cleaning indicator
  • 61-ounce capacity with an automated purging feature
  • Stainless-steel composition for maximum durability

De’Longhi, EC702

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This spectacular model comes with a capacity of 1.3 liters, thus saving you from the hassle of frequent refills. Composed of stainless steel, it is one heck of a device to get your hands on for a true barista-standard coffee experience.

It is equipped with dual thermostats for controlling the steam pressure and water temperature individually. Hence, whether you’re craving for a shot of espresso or a creamy cappuccino, you get your serving at just the ideal temperature! That too, with zero waiting time for the next cup!

Both the water reservoir and the drip tray are removable and easy to clean, and the transparency of the water reservoir facilitates convenient monitoring. The device comes with a filter that possesses a three-in-one convenience. So whether you want to produce a single serving, double, or brew from a pod, it has got you covered.

The 15 bar pump ensures effective extraction for a scintillating cup of coffee that you’ll never get enough off. It possesses a milk frother as well, which is manual for providing more control, enabling you to create your choice of specialty coffee anytime you desire.

The device is super simple to operate, allowing you to even customize your drinks to your liking. All things combined, it sure is a winner of a gadget to bag as soon as possible if you ask me!

Highlighted Features

  • Dual thermostats for separately controlling the temperature of water and pressure of steam
  • No waiting time for the next cup
  • Manual milk frother for specialty coffee creations
  • 3-in-1 filter that works with both single and double shots of grounds, as well as pods

Espresso Machine By EspressoWorks (Silver)

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In order to provide you with the truest barista experience, this model comes with everything you would need to create the perfect blissful cup of coffee.

The set includes a separate coffee grinder, two coffee cups, a milk frothing cup, filter baskets, a measuring spoon, and a tamper. Hence, you get to indulge in the luxury of creating your treasured cup of bliss right from scratch!

It possesses a capacity of 1.25 liters and the transparent removable water reservoir is convenient to monitor, refill, and clean up. The steam wand is integrated into the device for creating the most amazing milk foams to pair up with your pro-level espressos or other coffees.

This model has a 15 bar pressure system that ensures flawless extraction of flavor from your coffee grounds to produce an unbeatable cup every time. Thanks to its automatic shutoff feature, even if you forget to turn the device off, it shuts down after 25 minutes, preventing power wastage while ensuring safety.

The EspressoWorks espresso machine features an enhanced thermoblock heating mechanism that delivers your desired cup of coffee in just a matter of seconds! So whether you prefer a single shot or dual shots at once, this model sure makes all your coffee dreams come true!

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a grinder, cup for frothing milk, two cups, etc. and more
  • 1.25-liter removable water reservoir
  • Automatic shutoff after 25 minutes of inactivity
  • Enhanced thermoblock heating mechanism for producing coffee within seconds

Single Group Commercial Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Best Single Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Bars Of Pressure

In order to extract the most flavor from your coffee grounds in the portafilter for the best possible shot of espresso, pressure matters.

This is hence probably the first aspect you should keep an eye out for as unless ample pressure is pumped, your espressos won’t really be an espresso in terms of flavor.

The industry standard for creating a standard shot of espresso is 9 bar pumps. But 15 bar pumps produce a top-notch quality espresso that hits all the right spots.

 There are, of course, models with higher bars of pressure up to 20, but it is debatable whether higher pressure results in better-tasting espressos. After the 15-bar mark, higher pressure doesn’t make much of a difference, but some do debate that the higher pressure models tend to produce better shots.


When it comes to commercial espresso makers, you’d obviously want a device with a high-capacity reservoir to avoid frequent hassle of refills.

The larger the capacity, the more it will aid to your efficiency, reducing the pain of manual intervention to brew or extract your desired coffee. So choose a model with the largest capacity of water and milk reservoirs within your budget.

Milk Frother

The best single group commercial espresso machine must come with a steam wand to produce a versatile array of coffee specialties.

The steam wand for creating the milk foams may be either manual or automatic. Choose one that your budget allows. Some models are capable of frothing just milk, whereas premium ones can perfectly froth up any variety of milk for the ultimate versatility to your coffeelicious indulgence!


Whether for setting up your own little coffee shop venture or for enjoying a luxury coffee experience at home while getting to play barista, single group espresso machines are an alluring choice of gadget.

Purchasing the ideal one may not seem as simple as buying regular ones for your home or office. It’s an even more overwhelming choice when you intend to use them for commercial purposes.

But hopefully, after a quick read through our reviews and guidelines, choosing the best single group commercial espresso machine will no longer seem like a maze!

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