The Best Cake Decorating Kit – Consumer Reports for 2024

It doesn’t matter if you just discovered the Great British Bake Off, you’ve been watching Cake Boss since it first aired, or you’re just trying to pass off cupcakes for an upcoming bake sale. Perhaps, your only goal is to take your artistic skills in a new and tasty direction. Whatever it is, cake decorating is calling your name.

If you already scrolled through some tutorials or attempted to ice over a crumb coat, you probably noticed that even the most basic cake-decorating techniques require an arsenal of specialty tools. Don’t worry! We gathered the 10 best cake decorating kits that are sure to elevate your sweet creations. Check them out in the section below!

Best Cake Decorating Kit Comparison 2024

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Best Cake Decorating Kit Reviews 2024

Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools Set – Best Cake Decorating Kit

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Topping off our list is this comprehensive cake decorating set by Wilton. The set is pricey, but it comes with everything a chef needs to be able to produce blue ribbon-worthy baked goods. All of the tools come in an easy-to-clean blue and white caddy. The organizer has four semi-opaque drawers and two open compartments. Plus, there are slots on the sides for mini cake-decorating spatulas. We aren’t looking to preach, but kitchen organization is essential!

You get four spatulas, including two angled selections and two straight selections. There are a total of 18 decorating tips, six silicone tip covers, a silicone tip tray, a tip brush, and a practice board with a stand and patterns. Wilton also sets you up with a hefty supply of disposable decorating bags and bag ties.

With this set on your side, you should have no trouble mastering your buttercream, fondant, and gum paste decorating techniques. The ensemble comes with a whopping 263 accessories. We’re not going to bother naming them all.

We admit that such an extensive arsenal of decorating tools could be overwhelming to a cake-decorating newbie. If you’re looking to ice a few birthday cakes, scroll along until you come across one of our more modest selections. If your bedroom walls are covered with pictures of Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro (he’s the guy from Cake Boss, The Next Great Baker, and Buddy’s Bakery Rescue) and Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes), this might be the set for you.


  • Comes with a whopping 263 accessories (lots of fun and unexpected baking and decorating pieces to play around with)
  • The blue and white plastic caddy will definitely help you stay on top of all of those little pieces
  • 18 different decorating tips
  • Comes with fondant cut-outs, impression mats, and decorating brushes
  • Icing comes, with flat-edged spatulas, and angled spatulas


  • Some reports of shipping mishaps (mostly pieces broken off the plastic caddy)
  • Pricey and extensive (the sheer magnitude of accessories in the set could prove to become a nuisance to first-time cake decorators)

Kootek Cake Decorating Kit Supplies – Best for Round Cakes

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This lovely cake-decorating kit is perfect for aspiring bakers. It comes with a plastic cake turntable, various icing smoothers, a spatula, and a 12-inch reusable piping bag. You also get an icing coupler and a dozen stainless steel decorating tips. The included cake leveler is an exceptionally well-made and usual tool. If you’re a newbie baker who’s always pulling lopsided treats out of the oven, this could be the game-changer that you’ve been looking for.

We love that all of the pieces in this kit are made from either stainless steel or silicone. The items are strong enough to withstand extensive use. You can trim a cake to your desired height, smooth out a layer of base frosting, or add beautiful borders and details.

The turntable can hold any cake with an 11-inch or smaller diameter. Since it turns both clockwise and counterclockwise, it’s perfectly suitable for left- and right-handed individuals. Overall, this is an incredibly convenient cake decorating station for anyone that does a lot of icing smoothing or border work.

You get all the essentials in this elegant cake-baking set. Toss a killer recipe book into your shopping cart, and this set is suddenly the perfect gift. If you enjoy layered cake, this is the pick for you!


  • 12 stainless steel decorating tips with easy-to-read numbered markings
  • A plastic cake turntable that turns in both directions (suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals)
  • Includes several silicone frosting combs, two stainless steel spatulas, and a smoother
  • An easy-to-clean silicone piping bag with several plastic couplings (these allow you to snap tips on and off without having to mess around with the frosting)
  • Comes with a super handy cake leveler (helps you achieve professional-grade results)
  • This kit is perfect for layer cake enthusiasts.


  • The wire on the cake leveler tends to come loose.

The Unruly Bear Beginner Cake Decorating Set – Best Cake Decorating Set

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Next, we have another fabulous entry-level cake decorating set. It comes with 30 pieces, including a slip-resistant cake turntable and several essential cake-decorating tools. The set comes with just about everything a beginner cake decorator needs to create original cakes, cupcakes, and baked goods.

You can clip your preferred icing tip onto the decorating pen to parse out pleasant messages. There are enough tips, bags, spatulas, and smoothers for you to make an endless assortment of original baked creations. The tools and accessories are constructed of durable, long-lasting materials, including silicone and stainless steel. It’s worth mentioning that the turntable rotates both ways for easier spreading and smoothing. However, you can also lock it in place whenever you need to work on more concentrated detail work.

Great British Bake Off, here you come! This inexpensive yet comprehensive decorating set is small yet mighty!


  • Comes with a moving turntable that rotates both ways and can be locked in place for easier flower and petal applications
  • A decent collection of beginner cake-decorating tools and accessories
  • Comes with a set of four Russian icing tips and an ergonomic icing pen, should you want to add a pleasant and refined message to your next sweet treat
  • Four durable plastic smoothers and two stainless steel spatulas for easier spreading
  • The perfect gift for a cake-loving child, teen, or adult
  • Elegant blue and white design pairs well with just about every kitchen aesthetic
  • Practice patterns and instructional charts will help you become a more talented pastry chef


  • The decorating tips do not boast universal number markings.

RFAQK 203-Piece Cake Decorating Set – Best Upgrade Option

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a cake decorating set as extensive as this one. You get a rotatable turntable, a cake leveler, and two stainless steel spatulas. As you might imagine, you can recreate just about any cake design when you have close to 50 numbered icing tips in your decorating arsenal. There are scrapers for spreading and smoothers for smoothing. Your cakes’ are going to look so good. As if that’s not enough, you also get multiple frosting bags, couplers, and petal producers.

The experts at RFAQK seem to understand that cake decorating is only one piece of the puzzle. As a result, they’ve thrown in measuring cups, a whisker, and a whole bunch of other usual baking tools. Don’t fret if fondant or even gum paste is your preferred cake decorating material. The set includes rollers, spatulas, and presses that can be used with just about every type of frosting.

This is set will enable you to bulk up your baking and decorating arsenals. It’s a kit that promises you lots of bang for your buck. These accessories are durable enough to withstand the pressures of even the most intense commercial kitchen scenarios. With that said, we do advise that you invest in some sort of storage solution. Otherwise, this extensive collection is sure to turn into an unbearable heap of junk drawer clutter. Of course, the collection’s lack of storage is an easy-to-resolve issue. This minor setback should not deter you from purchasing this otherwise spectacular collection of decorating tools.


  • Comes with 203 pieces, including dozens of decorating tips
  • A rotating turntable makes it much easier to lock in the crumb layer (suitable for both right- and left-handed individuals)
  • Comes with several fondant smoothing tools and molds
  • Decorating pen, silicone icing bags, and Russian couplers
  • Easily prepare cakes for special occasions
  • All the tools you need to create classic and modern borders, flowers, leaves, and more
  • The 48 included decorating tips are numbered for easier identification.


  • The cardboard box is not a sufficient storage case. You’re going to need to invest in a plastic caddy or drawer organizer.

Wilton 46-Piece Cake Decorating Set – Best for Occasional Bakers

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Perhaps, you are not destined for cake decorating excellence. That does not mean you cannot make the most of your occasional baking feats. This small yet comprehensive cake decorating kit will help you elevate even the most basic of box cake mixes and store-bought icings. It comes with a diverse assortment of decorating tips, including round, star, petal, and leaf selections. You also get a spatula, a coupler, a bag cutter, a storage case, and a variety of disposable decorating bags.

The coupler allows you to rapidly switch between decorating tips. Meanwhile, the plastic container helps you to stay organized. We do wish that the storage box came with dividers. Other than that, we love that this cake decorating set offers convenience and variety. It’s inexpensive, accessible, and durable. If anything, it’s sure to improve your future birthday cake creations and/or bake sale contributions.


  • This 46-piece set is perfect for any beginner or intermediate cake decorator.
  • Comes with both small and large stainless steel decorating tips
  • Comes with coupler and bag cutter
  • A durable plastic storage case makes it easier for you to stay organized
  • Fully immersible and easy to clean


  • The instruction booklet is quite small and difficult to read.
  • The coupler cannot be paired with the larger decorating tips.

Taiker Cake Decorating Supplies – Everything But the Kitchen Sink

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Are you building your cake-making tool collection from the bottom up? This 393-piece set comes with all sorts of baking and decorating goods. A three-pack of springform cake pans and the stainless steel cake leveler make multi-tier cakes doable. There are spatulas, whiskers, and silicone utensils galore. The rotating cake turntable is the perfect place to prep round cakes.

The decorating arsenal includes 48 cake decorating tops, seven Russian nozzles, multiple silicone icing bags, a decorating pen, and three smoothers. You can use the molds and double-edged hand tools for chocolate, fondant, or even gum paste.

All of the accessories are constructed of either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. These tools have not many potential uses. Moreover, there suitable for bakers of all ages and skill levels.


  • Comes with three springform cake molds (nonstick liner for easier food releases)
  • Slice and level batter-based cakes with the steel leveler
  • Use the flower nail, petal tips, and lifter to make and apply beautiful icing roses
  • Food-grade, BPA-free silicone scrapers, and smoothers
  • Multiple stainless steel spatulas for even more precise frosting applications
  • Too many baking and decorating accessories to name!


  • You are going to need some sort of slotted storage container if you plan to keep these accessories well-organized
  • The springform pans have a tendency to leak. Use liners or place catch trays under them to avoid messes

AJ Gear Store 210-Piece Cake Decorating Set – Our Favorite Turntable

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You’ll have no trouble making your next masterpiece with this extensive cake-decorating kit by your side. It comes with loads of essential accessories as well as a few nonessential yet super fun extras. The aluminum cake stand is a dream to work with. You can level, frost, and decorate cakes of all sizes. It spins in both directions. As such, it’s a solid pick for both lefts- and right-handed pastry chefs.

The extensive numbered decorating tip collection also helps this kit to stand out from the competition. You can create lovely borders, floral motifs, swirling patterns, and more. The tips come in a divided tray. The full-color tip chart makes it easier for users to make sound decorating decisions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional pastry chef. This kit gives you everything you need on a budget.


  • Comes with a total of 210 accessories
  • A rotating aluminum cake stand with slip-resistant rubber feet for easier border work and smoothing
  • Scrapers, smoothers, and spatulas
  • Flower nails and cutters make frosting rose applications a breeze
  • Includes 51 numbered tips plus a plastic tray for easy organization
  • Get everything you need in just one purchase
  • Excellent value


  • While the tip chart is helpful, it’s not universal. So don’t even think about using it to identify other brands’ decorating ends.

Cani Store 180-Piece Cake Decorating Set

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If you’re a cake lover, you’re going to love this overly indulgent 186-piece decorating kit by Cani. It includes 57 numbered decorating tips, an aluminum cake turntable, a steel leveler, and much more. The included e-book and the piping pattern chart proved to be super helpful. We cannot help but notice that this kit also comes with a storage box.

The flower nails and lifters were unexpected treats. If you’re fond of making milestone cakes, these tools are a must. With so many tools in your arsenal, you should have no trouble putting the finishing touches on your next baked goods.


  • Comes with 57 numbered decorating tips
  • All materials are made from either stainless steel or food-grade silicone
  • Use the cake leveler to make highly presentable sweet treats
  • Perfect for professionals and home cooks alike
  • The materials are made to last.
  • Comes with a tip organizer


  • The icing scrapers are small.

Nuokim Cake Decorating Kit – Best for Teens

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Is your high schooler stuck in a perpetual rabbit hole of cake-decorating videos? Get them off the screen and into the kitchen with this beginner cake-decorating set. They will love making sweet treats for friends’ birthdays and other special occasions. The set comes with just the right amount of tools and accessories. As such, it’s less likely to overwhelm and sidetrack newbie cake decorators.

The tri-color couplers are super fun! These couplers enable users to attach three different frosting bags to a single decorating tip. Just imagine the colorful creations that you can make with such a device! There are also 16 icing and Russian piping tips in the kit. Plus, you get regular couples, smoothers, reusable and one-time-use piping bags, and a whole bunch of scrapers.

Need a new bonding activity? This set is perfect!


  • Fantastic and diverse beginner cake decorating set
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Durable, rust-resistant stainless steel decorating tip collection
  • Super fun tri-color coupler
  • Comes with a storage box


  • No cake turntable (these make cake decorating so much easier)

Prepworks by Progressive 8-Piece Frosting Bulb Decorating Kit – Best for Kids

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If you have a budding baker in the house, be sure to check out this adorable frosting application set by Prepworks. The set includes two frosting bulbs and six piping tips. You can use these brightly colored silicone containers to adore cookies, cakes, and more!

Each frosting bulb holds 3/4 cup of icing. The containers are dishwasher-safe. Tip designs include a closed star, a French tip, a lead, a basket, small circles, and large circles. The bulbs are constructed of heat-resistant silicone. Therefore, they can be placed in the microwave or heated up to 600 degrees.

This last set lets you explore your creative side without having dirty handfuls of tiny tools. If you aren’t planning on making a lot of sweet treats, you could always repurpose these bulbs as condiment holders.


  • Includes two silicone bulbs and six interchangeable stainless steel tips
  • Decorate your baked goods with precision and detail
  • Less clutter, less mess
  • You can totally repurpose these as condiment dispensers.
  • Heat-resistant silicone bases can be placed in the microwave


  • Not an extensive enough set to pull off complicated or professional-looking cake designs
cake decorating kit

How to Select the Best Cake Decorating Set

Now that we introduced you to some of our favorite ensemble decorating sets, let’s discuss what you need to look for in your next cake-decorating set.

Cake Decorating Essentials

Equip yourself with the right tools, and your baked goods are sure to dazzle!

Piping Tips

There are sorts of icing tips, including road decorating tips, drop flower decorating tips, leaf decorating tips, petal decorating tips, and specialty decorating tips. Within these categories, you’ll find dozens of shapes and sizes. Most decorating tips are constructed of metal. Metal tips make for more refined, sharper designs. The stainless steel variety is usually safe to place in the dishwasher.

If you’re new to cake decorating, you may find that it is easier to work with a select grouping of tips. Try to select decorating tips that feature universal number markings. This makes it much easier for you to choose the correct decorating tools.


Couplers are small plastic pieces that can be fitted with a variety of decorating tips. These accessories are perfect for any cake decorator who enjoys making multiple designs out of the same frosting. Essentially, these little accessories enable you to switch between different tips without having to reload your decorating bags. h

cake decorating kit

Piping Bags

Some bakers prefer to use disposable icing bags. Meanwhile, others find the reusable alternatives to be more practical. Just be sure to choose a kit that includes your preferred piping bags.

Spatulas, Scrapers, and Smoothers

There is only one legitimate way to create a base layer of frosting, and that method requires spatulas, scrapers, and smoothers. We suggest that you choose a kit with a least one flat spatula, one angled spatula, and a couple of different smoothers.

The tools you use are going to directly impact the look, texture, and taste of your final products. Look for durable tools with slip-resistant handles. Your hands can become quite slick when you are in the middle of a frosting marathon.

Templates and Instructions

The road to buttercream excellence includes lots and lots of practice. If you’re just beginning your journey to cake decorating excellence, consider a set with an illustrated decorating guide and templates. Even seasoned cake decorators can benefit from owning a couple of silicone piping practices. Don’t even get us started on the importance of flower nails.

cake decorating kit

Turntable and Cake Leveler

You’re never going to achieve that Instagram-worthy cake without a reliable cake leveler and a rotating cake board. The ideal cake foundation rotates in both directions. However, we also prefer that our cake turntables lock in place. This way, you can spread and smooth your base layer and add meticulously detailed flowers and leaves.


Some say that chefs are only as good as their tools. However, what happens when your tools are so jumbled that you cannot even find the ones you need? So cake decorating essentials are no larger than the tip of a human thumb. Tossing these tools into a shared kitchen drawer is the same as throwing puzzle pieces into a toy chest.


We highly recommend that you opt for mostly stainless steel and silicone tools. These materials last longer. Plus, they’re less likely to alter the taste or chemical makeup of the frosting you’re using. You might pay a little more upfront, but you’re far less likely to need replacements.

Wrapping Up

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We are confident that cake decorating is never going to go out of style. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, we hope you found some tools that inspired you to take your cake decorating to the next level. If you’re in rush, be sure to check out our top selection. Wilton’s Ultimate Cake Decorating Set comes with all the essentials and then some. The blue and white caddy will make it easier for you to stay organized and meet your cake-decorating goals. Of course, the Prepworks silicone frosting bulbs are a great selection for anyone who is just looking to put the finishing touches on some ordinary baked goods.

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