10 Best Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Reviews for 2024

Did you know that the shape and size of the coffee cup have a direct relationship to the taste of the coffee? You have a better aroma while drinking in narrow mugs. The taste gets bitter and intense in short mugs. Coffee tastes sweeter in wide mugs.

A coffee lover will instantly assume the importance of having the right mug to have a great cup of coffee. And this is where double wall glass coffee mugs slide in. These mugs are known for keeping your coffee hot and not altering the taste.

By the end of these reviews, picking the best double wall glass coffee mugs will be much easier. Just keep reading to have a fresh start every morning.

Reviews of the 10 Best Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Set

Epare Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

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Give your favorite coffee an elevated base to sit and enjoy the view from the side while brainstorming. The double wall design of these mugs keeps the liquid insulated for longer so that you can enjoy a hot or cold drink for longer.

These mugs are made of borosilicate glass. As a result, these mugs have fewer defects than other glass mugs and will be very durable. The toughness of these glass mugs is on point and is the attestor of the craftsmanship.

As the drink inside the glass is insulated from the ambiance, the mugs will be comfortable to hold. And don’t hesitate to put them on your desk, as these mugs don’t sweat at all. So, there will be no risk of leaving those circular marks on your desk or paper.

Each mug weighs just more than 6 oz and can hold 12 oz of liquid. So, there will be enough drinks for you to finish a quick conversation. The mug has a height of 4.5 inches, so it will easily fit inside your utensil drawer in the kitchen. A brainer to store.

Throw these mugs into a microwave oven or dishwasher, and they will come out perfectly fine. On top, you get two mugs in the set that will be a nice addition to a small home.

Key Features:

  • Tough and durable borosilicate glass for a longer life
  • Highly insulating double wall design to keep the temperature constant inside
  • Easy to hold even when drinking piping hot drinks
  • The outer surface doesn’t sweat

Sweese Glass Coffee Mugs

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These double walled glass coffee cups are almost identical to previous mugs except that they hold just a bit more liquid than those, 12.5 oz to be exact. But what will amaze you is the clear borosilicate glass which makes the liquid inside the mug more attractive.

The thickness of the glass wall is greater at the bottom and becomes thinner as you go up. That doesn’t necessarily have any effect on the insulation. There will be a minimum to no heat transfer from inside out to keep whatever liquid you put inside the glass at a constant temperature for longer.

These glasses aren’t limited to serving coffee or cold drinks. You can even serve chilled smoothies or stunning Panna cottas to create a fine dining environment at your home.

The handle of the mugs is wide enough to hold comfortably. As the outer surface stays cool even with hot coffee inside, you won’t burn your fingers again by mistake.

As these mugs are made of mouth-blown glass, they will be far more durable than regular glass or ceramic mugs. And the glass will affect the taste of your coffee the least, which is a big concern for coffee lovers.

Key Features:

  • A thick sidewall and bottom ensure better heat insulation
  • High-quality borosilicate glass is very durable
  • Suitable for serving versatile items, including coffee, cold drinks, and so on
  • A wide handle ensures the mugs don’t slip off your hand

Bodum Double-Wall Insulate Glass

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The true beauty of this double-walled coffee glass comes out when you pour your favorite coffee into the glass and take a look at it. Technically, these can’t be called mugs; glass would be the most suitable name.

It takes expert artisans to implement their life-old techniques to make such glasses with a stunning finish. The smoothness of the glasses is spot on! When you pour a colorful drink into the glass, you get to notice the symmetry in the walls creates an illusion in front of you.

You might think of holding a hot glass for one sec. But as soon as you touch the glass with a hot drink inside, you will feel the outer surface is completely at ambient temperature. The same happens when you pour any cold drink, it stays cold longer than in regular glasses.

There lies a silicone vent at the bottom of the glass. Only air can pass through this vent to keep the pressure between two layers of the glass in a balanced state. It helps the glass not break even if it faces extreme temperature differences.

This model can hold 12 oz, but you can buy smaller or larger glasses according to your preference. Or, you can even buy all sizes to use for different drinks! These glasses are that cute.

Key Features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical from all sides
  • Suitable for almost all drinks
  • Comes in convenient sizes, so you can even carry one in your pocket
  • Heat-resistant double wall construction for better insulation

JoyJolt Double Wall Glasses Coffee Mug

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The main charm of these double-wall coffee glasses lies in their unique shape. It’s quite difficult to say whether these glasses have a convex or concave shape. You will see a liquid bending effect inside the glasses.

Almost all double wall glass coffee mugs are made of borosilicate glasses. So, that’s not the main point of the build quality. The main point is the craftsmanship, where borosilicate glass is mouth-blown to give this unique shape without any imperfection.

These mugs can hold more than 13 oz of liquid which is greater than the mugs we have already discussed. But the glass wall thickness seems to be a little less than the previous mugs. The handle is also thinner.

But you have nothing to worry about, as the borosilicate glass used in this mug is tough enough to last more than you expect. Even though the glass wall is a bit thinner, that will not affect the insulation.

Whatever liquid you put inside the glass will remain at a constant temperature to give you a pleasant drinking experience. There is another benefit of having a thinner handle on the concave side of the glass. You can hold the mug comfortably with your palm without feeling that much heat.

Key Features:

  • Unique concave-convex design
  • Larger capacity at 13 oz. for people who enjoy extra large
  • Durable double-wall glass for better insulation
  • Thin handle leaves enough space to grab the mug directly

CnGlass Thermal Glass Coffee Mugs

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As you might already understand, there’s almost no basic difference in double wall coffee mugs from different brands. The only difference is in the design language, which makes some mugs stand out.

These cute buddies are perfect for light drinkers who love to drink repeatedly but in a small quantity each time. One of these mugs can hold 10 oz of drink while keeping the temperature almost the same as long as you drink.

Even though the capacity is smaller than other cups, the exquisite look is on point. That suspended liquid effect looks great in any environment. The bottom part of the cups is thicker than the top area.

This thick wall ensures no heat passes through the glass wall and doesn’t iterate the temperature of the liquid you are drinking. The borosilicate glass used in these cups is very well-built.

Even if you through these cups into a fridge after pulling them out of a microwave oven, they won’t have any shock. Scratching these mugs is near to impossible. As long as you use the mugs with care, they will continue to enhance the aesthetics of your living or reading room.

Key Features:

  • The smaller size is suitable for frequent drinkers
  • A straight inner wall creates contrast with the curved outer wall to make a unique shape
  • Thicker bottom for better heat insulation
  • It can absorb a good amount of thermal shock

JoyJolt Declan Irish Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups

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This is something different from what you have seen so far. Just imagine how amazing your latte or cold chocolate coffee will look through the cone-shaped bottom. And it has a comparatively larger holding capacity at almost 15 oz, to provide you with enough drink for a long conversation.

The borosilicate glass is so clear that it creates an optical illusion of having floating coffee. You can say that almost all double-wall coffee mugs do this. But imagine how it will turn out if you put your favorite ice cream or dessert into these cups and freeze them for a bit.

Contrary to many other mugs, this set has a flat bottom that increases the stability of the glass. As a result, there will be less chance of tipping and breaking them. Even though the glass is very tough, this small thing in design helps a lot.

You can use these cups inside the microwave oven or freezer. They won’t crack even under extreme temperature conditions. Cleaning them is also easy as they are dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  • Unique cone-shaped interior design
  • Thick double wall design for better durability and insulation
  • Flat base for better stability
  • Wide handle for a comfortable experience
  • Suitable for all hot and cold drinks

JoyJolt JoyJolt Cadus Glass Coffee Cups Sets

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You might have already seen two double-wall glass mugs from JoyJolt. Here is another one but with a twist in design. It is different than all the previous mugs on today’s review.

These mugs are 5 inches tall and can hold 16 oz of liquid. The double glass construction is pretty uniform on the outside. But the inside is uniquely curved to give the top portion a hopper-like design.

The middle section of the mugs is similar to a large cheese wheel. And the bottom portion is a bit narrow and in line with the top portion. As a result, it seems there are some solids in the mugs rather than liquids.

This illusion will make people look at the mugs twice, and it can be enchanting to have such mugs in your home. You get that traditional borosilicate glass with ultra clarity.

One important thing is this glass doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee, which is a big concern for coffee lovers. No matter how hot your drink is, there will be no reaction with the glass to alter the taste of the coffee.

Key Features:

  • Unique design with uniform outer surface
  • Clear borosilicate glass doesn’t alter the taste of coffee
  • Large mug with 16 oz capacity for those who like extra large
  • Heat and condensation-resistant glass for easier handling

Sweese Double Walled Glass Mug

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Another set of insulated glass coffee cups from Sweese! These 15 oz glass mugs have a narrow, stretched-up design that will be nice for cold drinks, lemonades, or your choice of coffee.

With coffee inside the mug, you can even put it into a microwave oven. The strong and clear borosilicate glass of these mugs is shock resistant. So there will be no cracks in the mugs.

As the rim of the mug isn’t wide, less heat will be escaping the glass, and hot drinks will remain hot for longer. The sidewall of the mug is thick enough to prevent heat from escaping and water bubbles from forming on the outer surface.

So, the bottom of the mug will be dry in case you put the mug on your favorite center table. Holding the mug will give you a pleasant experience without feeling burning hot.

Though almost all double-wall glass mugs have nearly the same characteristics, this is the best double-wall glass mug due to the clarity and strength of the glass, simple design with a wide handle, narrow rims, and thicker walls.

Key Features:

  • Long, narrow glass mugs look great with colorful drinks inside
  • Crystal clear borosilicate glass is lighter than normal glass
  • Shock, heat, and condensation resistant
  • Silicone vent to prevent bursting
  • 15 oz holding capacity, which is on the larger side

DeeCoo Double walled Coffee Cup

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This is a set of four double-wall glass coffee mugs where each mug can hold approximately 10 oz of liquid. The best thing about them? You get four mugs at a price where most other brands provide two. A clear win here!

The bottom surface complements curved sidewalls with a flat surface that is very stable. As these mugs aren’t that high, the handle is extended further so that you can easily hold the mug.

But you can even grab the mug directly as no heat will pass through the insulated wall to keep you comfortable while touching. As the heat is retained inside, your favorite coffee or cold drink will be at a constant temperature for longer.

These mugs are made with lead-free borosilicate glass that is mouth-blown by expert artisans. The smoothness of the glass surface is soothing. It is also scratch-resistant glass, so it won’t get hurt during daily use.

The air vent at the bottom ensures no pressure rise inside the insulation. Though you can put most double-wall glass mugs inside the dishwasher, DeeCoo suggests you don’t do that with these mugs.

Key Features:

  • The set contains four double-wall glass mugs
  • Lead-free borosilicate glass saves the taste of your coffee
  • Short mugs are easy to store
  • The thick wall provides better insulation

STONE & MILL HOMEWARES Large Double Walled Glass Coffee Cups

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This compilation of reviews ends with a set of large double wall coffee mugs from Stone & Mill. These mugs look stunning just because of their crystal-clear glass and simple design.

Both the outer and inner surfaces of the mug are curved beautifully. These mugs are hand-blown and have great insulation, no matter whether you put hot or cold drinks into them.

That thick handle is big enough to grab comfortably, which gives you a pleasant experience while drinking. And if you put the cup on a table or something, there will be no burn or wet marks.

With great heat and condensation resistance, these mugs keep your drink at the optimum temperature for a long time. So, don’t worry if you forget to take a sip for a while during a conversation. Get back to the drink, and it will remain the same, thanks to these exquisite mugs.

The clear glass enhances the color of whatever drink you put inside. And the optical illusion of floating liquid makes elevates the mood to give you the perfect drinking environment.

Such 15 oz mugs coming at the standard price are a real deal!

Key Features:

  • Simple design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Each mug holds 15 oz of liquid
  • Heat and condensation-resistant material
  • Hand-blown, lead-free borosilicate glass is lightweight and durable
  • Don’t get scratched in day-to-day use

Comparison Table for Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

Product NameMaterialCapacityHandleNumber in SetItem Weight
Epare Double Wall Glass Coffee MugsHand-blown Borosilicate Glass12 ozYes26 oz
Sweese 413.101 Glass Coffee MugsMouth-blown Borosilicate Glass12.5 ozYes212.5 oz
bodum double walled mugsMouth-blown Borosilicate Glass12 ozNo212 oz
JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee CupsHand-blown Borosilicate Glass13 ozYes220.8 oz
CnGlass Double Walled Glass Coffee MugsMouth-blown Borosilicate Glass10 ozYes217.1 oz

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs Buying Guide

double wall glass coffee mugs

With numerous manufacturers and models of double-walled coffee mugs out there, choosing a specific one might be confusing. Let us tell you about some factors you need to consider to pick the best double wall glass coffee mugs.

Made of Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is commonly used in making double-wall mugs because they are lightweight and durable. This glass is tougher and will withstand thermal shock better than normal glass.

So, whenever you head to buy an insulated coffee mug, make sure the mug is made of lead-free, high-quality borosilicate glass.

Wall Thickness

In double-wall coffee cups, there is air between the two layers of glass in most cases. The thicker the insulation layer, the better will be the heat retention. As a result, your hot drink will remain hot for longer.

It will also help keep the outer surface of the mug cool to the touch. So you can enjoy your drink comfortably without burning your fingers.

Wide Handle

Some double-glass coffee mugs come without handles. They just like a plain glass, and they kinda look cool. But if you have a sweaty hand, you can drop the mug easily and shatter it down.

A wide handle will help you grab the mug more firmly and ensure the mug doesn’t slip off your hand.

Shape and Size

double wall glass coffee mugs

The shape and size of such a coffee mug depend on personal preferences. You will get these mugs in different designs and sizes. Some are pretty simple with a curved surface, while others have exquisite shapes to add beauty to your drinking experience.

If you are a slow and frequent drinker, taking a 10 or 12-oz mug will be fine. But if you love to drink a high volume at a time, choose something with 15-16 oz of capacity.

Shock and Condensation Resistant

As these mugs will undergo sudden temperature changes, they should be able to withstand the thermal shock. Otherwise, you might see cracks in your glass after several uses.

These glass coffee cups should also be condensation-resistant so that they don’t sweat and leave wet marks when you pour a cold drink into them.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Though almost all borosilicate glass mugs are compatible to use in the microwave oven, not all of them are dishwasher safe necessarily. You need something that can be thrown inside a microwave, freezer, or dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

double wall glass coffee mugs

What are double wall mugs for?

Double wall mugs do two main things. They provide better insulation compared to normal glass mugs, so your drink remains hot or cold for longer. And their lightweight, double-wall design makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Can you microwave a double-wall glass mug?

It depends on the manufacturing process of the mug. Most manufacturers claim their double-wall glass mugs to be microwave safe. So, you should ideally be able to microwave them.

Do double-walled glasses sweat?

One great thing about double-walled glasses is they don’t sweat when you pour cold liquid into them. As a result, they don’t leave any wet marks on leather or wooden table.

How do double wall glass coffee mugs work?

Double-walled coffee mugs are made of two layers of glass with air in between. The inner layer is insulated from the outer layer, and heat can’t pass through the insulation layer. As a result, your drink retains heat for longer.

Are silicone vents important in double-wall coffee mugs?

Yes. Silicone vents help in making an equilibrium so that there isn’t an extreme pressure difference between the two layers. This reduces the chance of bursting.

Final Word

Who doesn’t love enjoying a hot, aromatic cup of coffee to instantly boost their minds? Things get even better when the coffee mug itself becomes a piece of art with better strength and insulation.

We hope these reviews help you find the best double wall glass coffee mugs to have a wonderful coffee experience every time you pour that lovely hot drink. And no more burning your hands by accidentally touching a mug full of hot coffee.

Just pour your coffee and head off to work with style. You have nothing to worry about.

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