Difference Between Nutribullet And Magic Bullet Blenders 2024

Magic Bullets and Nutribullets are two of the most popular brands on the market today. They both have their pros and cons, but they also share a lot in common with one another. For example, both blenders can be used to make protein shakes, smoothies, soups- even baby food! Nowadays it seems like there is a blender for every occasion. But which is better: The Nutribullet or Magic Bullet?

The answer depends on your personal preferences as well as what you plan to use your blender for. If you’re looking for a versatile machine that can do almost anything from making soup to crushing ice, the Nutribullet is ideal. But if you’re looking to blend only soft foods, such as fruit, smoothies and shakes, then the Magic Bullet will do just fine. For those who are completely unfamiliar with these appliances, let us provide you with a little more information about them before telling you how they compare against one.

Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blenders

Nutribullets and Magic Bullet blenders are popular blender brands that are well-known for their versatility. They both come with a variety of sizes to pick from, so it’s important to measure ingredients before using either machine. Another main difference between the two is that the Nutribullet can’t be used to make hot soup while the Magic Bullet can.

Nutribullet and Magic bullet

How to use a Nutribullet or Magic Bullet Blender

These blenders are extremely easy to use and clean, but they also come with their own set of instructions for you to follow before using them for the first time. You will want to read these directions carefully, so that you have an idea of how your blender works.

How to use a Nutribullet

Even though the Magic Bullet is easy to use, it can still be tricky for some consumers. To make sure you are using your machine properly, follow these simple steps below:

  • Step 1- Add your ingredients into the blender jar. It’s best to wash and peel the produce before adding it into the jar. That way you will avoid getting cut while using your blender.
  • Step 2- Pour one to two cups of liquid directly in the bottom of your blender jar and replace the lid securely onto the top of your machine. The best liquids to use with this machine are ones that are already smoothie, protein shake or soup-ready. If you do not have any of these on hand, then use water instead.
  • Step 3- Place your blender jar onto the base and turn it on to start blending your ingredients to an even consistency with the rest of the mixture that’s already in there. The speed on your machine will vary depending on what type of texture you’re looking to achieve.
  • Step 4- If you want to add a little extra flavor, then place the lid on your blender once you have finished blending it and let it sit for one or two minutes. The heat from the friction will help to warm up any cold ingredients that are already in there.

How to use a Magic bullet blender:

  • Step 1. Put your ingredients in the cup and screw on the blade then place the cup on the motor base.
  • Step 2. Turn the blade clockwise to lock it into place.
  • Step 3. Plug in the blender and press down on it to start blending ingredients. Then release pressure to stop blending and unscrew blade from lid to pour out contents of cup.
  • Step 4. Clean by hand or run under water while running new ingredients through the blender to create a smoothie, soup, etc.
  • Step 5. Store unused cups in a cupboard or drawer with other kitchen utensils.

What are the main differences between Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blenders

First off, the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders are very similar in a number of ways: they both have 14 settings, dishwasher-safe cups, and a one-year warranty. However, there are a few differences between these two machines. For example, both blenders come with different size cups so it’s important to measure your ingredients before using either machine.

It should also be noted that the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders have different names. The Nutribullet is also known as the PowerBullet or the Nutrition Extractor, while the name of the Magic Bullet Blender is sometimes shortened to MBB.

When it comes to using either machine, you’ll need to make sure you have the right liquids and ingredients: for instance, if you want to make juice, you’ll need fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, it’s important to chop up your food before you blend it in a Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blender—while this isn’t necessary with some other models of blenders.

The biggest difference between the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders is that you can’t make hot soup with the Nutribullet blender while you can with the Magic Bullet blender.

Nutribullet and Magic bullet

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using either machine:

  • The Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blenders both have 14 settings. However, you’ll probably only use a few of them on a regular basis. For example, if you’re making smoothies, you’ll probably only need to use the pulse and one other setting (either chop or mix). Furthermore, there are no preset programs for either machine so you have more control over what happens in your blender.
  • Both the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders have dishwasher-safe cups. Furthermore, you’ll find that they’re very easy to clean—simply rinsing them with some soap and water will do the trick. In addition, both machines are BPA-free so they’re safe for your family when it comes to safety.
  • The Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders share a one-year warranty. However, the manufacturer of these machines (Vitamix, in this case) has a great customer service department so you can contact them if there are any problems with your machine in that first year.
  • These two blenders have very similar price points—they’re both in the $50 range. However, the Nutribullet is more affordable because it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer as an infomercial product.
  • The Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blender come with different size cups—the Nutribullet has a 20 oz cup, a 40 oz cup, and two personal cups in 2 sizes (18 oz and 20 oz), while the Magic Bullet has 24 oz cups only. There are also different colors available for each machine—the Nutribullet comes with black cups while the Magic Bullet blenders come in multiple color options including grey, green, pink, purple, and red.
  • The Nutribullet is designed to break down plant cells, while the Magic Bullet just chops up your food into smaller pieces. For this reason, you can make hot soup with a Nutribullet but not with a Magic Bullet blender. On the other hand, you can make pasta and ice cream in a Magic Bullet blender, but you’ll need to make use of the tamper that comes with the machine. If you want to make hot soup at home, it’s better to get a different model of blender—one that has a heating element (like the Cuisinart CBT-1500).
  • Both machines are quite easy to use: for instance, you can add your ingredients in the cup before blending. However, with the Nutribullet blender, you’ll need to hold down the button for a few seconds until it’s fully blended. The Magic Bullet doesn’t have an on/off switch so you’ll need to press a button repeatedly in order to blend your food.
  • The sound of each machine is slightly different: while both are quiet when in use, there’s a slight difference between them. Both models are ideal if you live in an apartment.
  • The Nutribullet has a longer blending power cord, making it easier to move around your kitchen while you’re using the machine. On the other hand, the Magic Bullet machine is smaller and has rubber feet if you want to place it on a countertop or table while you’re waiting for your food to become smooth and creamy.

Which is better for you, Nutribullet or Magic Bullet blender

Nutribullet and Magic bullet

The Magic Bullet blender  is better for people because there is a greater range of recipes and soup recipes that can be made with the appliance. With the Nutribullet, you are limited to what you can make. There are some limitations in terms of what you can do with the Nutribullet in comparison to the Magic Bullet.

As we mentioned earlier, you can not make hot soup with the Nutribullet. With the Magic Bullet blender, there is no limitation on what you can do because it comes with different cups that allow you to make a range of things. For example, it comes with single serve cups and tall cups for making bigger portions so that you don’t have to keep refilling.

You can not make hot soup with the Nutribullet blender, unlike the Magic Bullet.

Pros and cons of each machine

The Nutribullet blender has a lot of advantages that the Magic Bullet blender doesn’t have. For example, with the Nutribullet blender you can make hot soup! The Magic Bullet blender does not offer the same function.

Similarly, with the Nutribullet blender you can measure your ingredients before blending with it while with the Magic Bullet you’re moving from one ingredient to another.

If having easy access to all your ingredients and making cold or frozen shakes is important to you, then get a Magic Bullet blender.

The Nutribullet is better for making green smoothies and making hot soup. The Magic Bullet blender is better at making cold fruit-based shakes.


With so many different options for blenders on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Our goal with this article was to provide a comparison of Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet and help make that decision easier by providing some key features as well as pros and cons from users who have had experience using both products. Armed with this information, we hope you’ll feel confident in your purchase when choosing between these two popular brands of blender.

Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders are both excellent options, but the main difference between them will be what type of fruits and vegetables they can handle so it’s important to know this before making a purchase. If you’re looking to purchase either one of these products, we recommend reading our article on how to choose a blender before buying so that you make an informed decision about which model will best fit your needs! We also have some blenders available – just click the link below!

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