What Foods Have Zinc? Top 15 Best Foods High in Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral for our body as it takes part in tasks such as tissue formation, immune function, and protein synthesis. But this nutrient isn’t naturally produced and can’t be stored in our bodies.

Thus, we need to maintain a constant supply of it through our regular food consumption so our bodies can function correctly. Otherwise, we will have to face the consequences such as a flawed immune system, weak cell growth, and so on.

So, What Foods Have Zinc? And what are the top 15 Best Foods High in Zinc? Let’s get to know everything about them right away!

Why Do We Need Zinc in Our Body?

Zinc is the second most abundant mineral in our body. Right after iron, it’s present in every cell and takes part in numerous body functions. Over 300 enzyme requires Zinc to work, and all of them help in metabolism, digestion, cell formation, nerve function, etc.

It also plays a crucial role in skin health, protein and DNA synthesis, and gene expression. Moreover, this nutrient is needed for proper taste and smell; thus, you cannot ignore its role at any cost!

Here are some health benefits of Zinc for you to understand why you need to take it religiously.

what foods have zinc

Boosts Your Immunity

Zinc helps us make our immunity strong by taking part in the immune cell function and cell signaling. Moreover, it reduces oxidative stress.

So if you don’t keep the Zinc well-balanced in your body, it will result in weakened immunity. And it also reduces the chances of infection; hence, you can’t skip it.

Accelerates Wound Healing

This particular nutrient is used in hospitals to treat wounds such as burns, ulcers, or other skin damage. As the skin holds most of our body’s Zinc content, this mineral plays a vital role in collagen synthesis.

Therefore, lacking this nutrient can interrupt your cell generation.

Prevents Age-related Diseases

Zinc aids in preventing some age-related diseases, pneumonia, and AMD. It also reduces oxidative stress and increases T-cells and natural killer cells that keep you safe from different types of infection.

Moreover, researches show that older people who take Zinc supplements have improved influenza vaccination response. Therefore, the chances of pneumonia are reduced successfully, which is a relief, to be honest.

Reduces Acne Problems

From teens to adults, acne is annoying to everyone! It has been proven that both oral and topical Zinc treatment can eradicate acne inflammation quite successfully.

So if you are thinking about reducing acne symptoms, you should add this nutrient to your diet.

what foods have zinc

Top 15 Best Foods High in Zinc – Things We Should Eat

Now that you know the fantastic benefits offered by this nutrient, you should learn about the top 15 best foods high in Zinc. So follow the list below to learn about the items in your diet to have a proper Zinc supply.

Let’s get into that part right away!


Do you love deliciously cooked lamb chop? Well, you will be happy to know that it contains a generous amount of Zinc. Every three ounces of this meat comes with 6.7mg of this nutrient. It also offers Vitamin B12, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, and selenium.

Swiss Cheese

As we already know that cheeses are excellent sources of calcium. Now you should learn that Swiss cheese has 2.8mg Zinc per 132gm servings. You can snack on some slices of this cheese while watching tv or in the evening after a walk.

But always restrain your taste bud while consuming this food as it contains saturated fat.

Pumpkin Seeds

These pumpkin seeds are superfoods that come with outstanding nutritional value. They improve your cholesterol level and boost your immunity system. Moreover, they are rich in antioxidants, so adding some roasted pumpkin seeds to your daily routine will be a great idea.

Per 64 servings of these seeds contains 6.6mg Zinc. Hence, once you start eating pumpkin seeds, you don’t have to worry about Zinc deficiency ever again.


Chickpeas are high in fiber and one of the healthiest foods you can eat. There are so many delicious recipes for this food item, so it won’t be a problem for you to add it to your meal.

It also helps you to reduce blood sugar levels and heart diseases. Every 164gms of chickpeas contains 2.5mg Zinc, and the selenium of this ingredient reduces cancer chances. How amazing is that?

what foods have zinc


Cashews are one of the most delicious nuts out there. So if you want to fulfill Zinc’s requirement in your body, you should eat these nuts. You will get 1.6mg of Zinc per 28gm servings, which is quite a good deal!


When it comes to healthy foods, garlic always makes an appearance! It helps you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure level and makes every meal tastier than ever! Garlic also detoxifies the heavy metals in your body, one of the most excellent qualities of this ingredient.

You will get 1.6mg zinc garlic per 136gm serving, and it also contains fewer calories. So you better start eating garlic to maintain sound health.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is enriched with Magnesium and Zinc, so adding it to your diet will be an outstanding idea. You can cook some fried rice for dinners, fulfilling your appetite and nutrient efficiency.

Every 195gm brown rice contains 1.2mg Zinc. Thus, you can eat it once in a while and enjoy its benefits.

Grass-fed Beef

This red meat is one of the most excellent sources of Zinc. Besides being a rich source of protein, it will also fill up your nutrient deficiency. But while choosing these beef chucks, make sure that it’s grass-fed meat. This particular type of beef has less fat and more omega-3 fatty acids.

If you eat a piece of 28gm meat, you will get 1.3mg of Zinc. Hence, you can add this healthy meat to your diet without any worries.


Peas come with extremely low-fat content and sodium. So if you are watching your weight, you can eat this ingredient to fill up your tummy without ruining your health.

Every 160gm of peas contains 1.9mg of Zinc. Moreover, it comes with plenty of antioxidants that will help you improve your eyesight.

what foods have zinc


Yogurt is enriched with both Zinc and Calcium. So if you add this to your daily routine, you will be ensuring proper bones and skin formation at the same time.

Moreover, it is an excellent source of protein, so you are getting a complete package here!

If you take 245gm yogurt, you will get 1.4mg of Zinc. Therefore, you can take it daily to keep your body well-maintained.


Shellfishes are low-calorie sources of Zinc. So you can add them to your diet for more significant benefits. Among all of the origins of shellfishes, oyster contains the most amount of Zinc.

Therefore, if you eat six oysters, you will get 32mg of Zinc, which is a terrific deal. You can also try crab or shrimp, but they are not as enriched as oysters in this case. However, if you are pregnant, make sure that your shellfish is cooked correctly; otherwise, it may cause serious health hazards.


One of the everyday food items that contain Zinc is the egg. You can try various recipes of eggs to fulfill your nutritional requirements.

If you eat one large egg, you will get 5% of the DV for Zinc along with B vitamins, healthy fats, and protein.

what foods have zinc


Whole grain such as oatmeal contains a high amount of Zinc. Though it is not as rich as legumes such as beans or lentils, you will get an adequate amount of this particular nutrient.

This food item also decreases the chances of cardiac diseases, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. And if you take one cup of oatmeal, you will get 2mg of Zinc.

Cocoa Powder

Yes, the delicious chocolate meals will fill up your Zinc necessity as the cocoa powder is enriched with that. Per 86, cocoa powder contains 5.9mg of Zinc, so you don’t have to worry about this ingredient’s shortage anymore.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a great source of different nutrients. And every 184gm serving of it comes with 5.1mg Zinc. So if you are looking for a healthy meal that will cover all your nutritional needs, you can get kidney beans for extraordinary benefits.

Now that you know what foods contain Zinc, you can add them to your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

what foods have zinc

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency – Are You Getting Enough Nutrients?

Here are the signs of Zinc deficiency that will allow you to know if you are suffering from this condition or not.

Weak Immunity

As Zinc plays a vital role in maintaining a robust immunity system, its lack will weaken it. Therefore, you will be suffering from continuous flu or infections. Moreover, your wounds will take time to heal.

Hair Loss

When your body doesn’t get to absorb enough Zinc, you will start losing hair.

Sleep Disturbance

Zinc plays an active part in the regulation and production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. So if you are not getting enough sleep, this nutrient deficiency could be one of the reasons.

Dull Skin

Your skin contains most of the Zinc contents in your body. Thus, the lacking of this mineral can cause dull and lifeless skin.

Slow Growth

Without enough Zinc in your system, your body growth will be interrupted as our body needs this nutrient for proper bone formation.

What Is the Recommended Dosage of Zinc?

An adult man should take 11mg, and an adult woman should take 8 mg of Zinc per day. And during pregnancy, one should take 11-12mg per day.

But you need to be careful while taking your Zinc supplements as an overdose can cause severe health issues. Here are the Zinc toxicity symptoms so you can understand when to consult a doctor.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains
  • Decreases HDL cholesterol
  • Weak immune system
  • Headache

Final Verdict

If you are suffering from Zinc deficiency, you can quickly solve that issue by adding the foods mentioned above to your regular diet. Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge about what Foods Have Zinc and the top 15 Best Foods High in Zinc. So go and start eating those foods for a healthy lifestyle.

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