What Is Clean Cut Pizza?

Everyone loves pizza. That probably is the only thing everyone agrees on. Arguments among pizza lovers range from the best topping to most people eating the crust first. Now, there is a new debate subject- how to slice pizza, specifically, what is clean cut pizza? 

It used to be that the slices of pizza were the standard pointed per slice. Today, there is square-cut pizza, double-cut pizza, no-cut pizza, and clean-cut pizza. 

what is clean cut pizza

What Goes on in a Pizza Kitchen? 

When a plate of pizza is already done, an oversized wooden spoon (a peel) is used to take the pizza out of the oven. The pizza then goes straight to a tray or box and is sliced using a rotary blade or a rocker blade. 

In a restaurant that cooks hundreds of pizzas, it is most likely that the blade used on a pizza is the same blade used before it and after it. This is typically done because to get hot and fresh pizza to the customer, time is always of the essence. 

Using the same cutter for numerous pizzas saves time. Besides, the pizza kitchen will never have enough to use a new cutter for each freshly cooked pizza. This makes a clean-cut pizza an option. 

what is clean cut pizza

What is Clean Cut Pizza?

Clean-cut pizza allows a slice of pizza to easily separate from the rest of the pizza. Each slice of clean-cut pizza is well-defined and each edge has a sharp line. A clean-cut pizza prevents any cross-contamination of the toppings. 

Everyone working in a pizza restaurant knows that using the same cutter for all pizzas cooked at any given time saves a lot of time. Cutters can get cheesy and sticky quickly because of the pizza’s toppings. It can, therefore, be a pain to wash.

With a clean-cut pizza, the cook will wash and clean the blade of the cutter or use a fresh blade to cut every pizza.  A clean-cut pizza is a precautionary method to prevent the spread of germs. 

what is clean cut pizza

A clean-cut pizza is one way to make sure that the meat, cheese, nuts, or other toppings from one pizza do not get transferred to another pizza. It could be weird to order a ham and cheese pizza with small bits of pineapple coming from a Hawaiian pizza. It can be disastrous if you are allergic to pineapple. 

A clean-cut pizza is also advantageous for major religions that do not allow the consumption of some kinds of meat. 

The Jewish religion forbids the consumption of pork, Buddhists cannot eat meat, and Jain stays away from honey, root vegetables, and other foods. They want their pizza to be free of any foods they cannot consume. When the same cutter is used from one pizza to another, there may be a possibility they could consume some prohibited food 

Pizza Cutters for Clean-Cut Pizza

A good pizza cutter keeps pizza toppings in place so you can eat your pizza slice with all the toppings in tack. 

There are several types of cutters you can use for clean-cut pizza. These cutters are not too expensive so you can experiment with different cutters to choose which type works best for you. 

what is clean cut pizza

To ensure you are doing the clean-cut pizza-cutting process properly, your cutting blade should be sharp. The right amount of pressure should also be applied while swiftly cutting the pizza. 

Pizza Cutter Wheels

This cutter comes with a long handle, a sharp blade, and wheels 3 – 5 inches in diameter. Some cutter wheels do not come with handles, so you need to directly grip the wheel. 

The cutter wheel is easy to use and store. This cutter can, however, be more difficult to clean than other cutters because you will have to disassemble the cutter and make sure you clean it well. 

Pizza Cutter Rockers

This pizza cutter comes in a half-moon-like shape. It comes with a long, curved blade that is typically 14 inches or longer. The cutter is rocked across the pizza to slice it into pieces. This cutter is often used in commercial kitchens. 

The toppings are less likely to stick to the blade when using a pizza cutter rocker. It slices pizza efficiently. It is easy to clean and store. 

Scissor Style Cutters

A scissor-style cutter is not as common as the other types of cutters. With this cutter, you should make multiple shorter cuts to work through the entire diameter of the pizza. It looks like a piece of scissors, except that one blade has a flat button. 

A scissor-style cutter is a new, innovative, clever, and fun way to cut pizza. 

We hope you learned something about how to cut pizza. Clean-cut pizza seems to be how many pizza lovers today want to enjoy their pizza slices. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your family and friends. You can also share some of your thoughts in the comments section. 

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